The iMac, the ACORN, the Vacation, the Stress watches antique vintage time clocks brass

I am attending the Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network Conference (ACORN) this coming weekend with my folks on Friday evening and all day Saturday in Fredericton, New Brunswick. With all the health issues I’ve been facing recently and to be honest for most of my life, it’s about time I make a serious commitment to eating only organically grown food. My body is beginning to shut down in very weird ways. While my thyroid seems to be doing better (knock-on-wood) I am suffering through candidiasis and other vague, debilitating and mysterious symptoms.

I go for food allergy testing at the end of this month. I am already allergic to dust, dust mite, birch, alder, dog, cat, golden rod and ragweed. I also suspect I’m extremely sensitive to chemicals that are found in everyday household products. I have a strict no scents policy in my household… even the smallest scent of anything sets me off or causes my fingers to swell if I touch it.

During my mid-twenties candidiasis ravaged my body when my Crohn’s was active. And I’m determined not to repeat that again and get whatever it is under control, now. My autoimmune system has never been great and I’ve always been sensitive to everything but lately it seems to be getting worse. I’ve shed 1/5 of the inside of the lining of my cheeks over the last three months and It is chronically broken out and sore and I know it sounds gross eh! My eyes are red, always glassy and puffy. My skin breaks out in odd miniature itchy hives. My upper back hurts and I’m exhausted regardless of how much sleep I get.

The strangest symptom I have is that I emit the wonderful smell of garlic or onion regardless of whether I ate it or not almost always now and after some searching online many women say this is the smell of yeast i.e. candidiasis. I’ve upped my dose of pro-biotic and took a massive dose of doctor prescribed Diflucan yesterday. About three hours after taking the Diflucan, the swelling around my eyes eased and my energy returned a little bit. I couldn’t beleive it! I’ve had yeast infections down there before but what I’m experiencing now isn’t that; it’s systemic like it’s in my blood or something. All these issues are interconnected. They always are.

I just need to keep on top of it and not lose my house in the meantime. I may need to sell my car (safety net at the moment) or dramatically increase my art sales. In any case I need to decide what to do by the end of this month. I’m six weeks past due on my mortgage payments. All my other bills are paid up to date. I have six weeks before my house is repossessed and that is F#$%ing scary folks.

I feel so mad at myself for not saving more money for when things got tuff. I had enough saved for about eight weeks living expenses but I’ve been feeling shitty since late last summer. So, I went through that eight weeks pretty fast.

I am driving to Fredericton a day early (tomorrow) to bring in my 27 inch iMac in for much needed repair and servicing. Sadly, it’s not working right and sick too. As soon as I get four or five applications running the fan comes on at full speed and it sounds as loud as a hair dryer. I’ve run all the diagnostics I can and really wish there was a closer licensed Apple Dealer and Technician but there isn’t, as Saint John is all about the PC. Haha! The ethernet port also stopped working. I can only connect to the internet wirelessly now.

In any event life is good, albeit hectic, worrisome and draining at the moment. But as the answers present themselves and I learn more about my body and finances I’m coping and adjusting as needed and doing my best to keep smiling and moving forward. There is a radiant rainbow out there somewhere!

Perhaps in the not so distant future I’ll sell my home and buy an old farmhouse with a few acres of land and homestead instead of living inside the city limits.

So, yes, if you order from either of my shops while I’m away I won’t be able to ship your order until March 15th as I’ll have limited computer access while away. I’m really looking forward to spending some time with my friends Vikki and Dana too. They are two long time college pals and they have an awesome spare bedroom in their home with two big furry cats to hang out with too! And I’m going for a drink (date?) with a nice man, that I met on Facebook last year, on Saturday night. And a public thank you to my parents who purchased an extra ticket so that I could attend this conference with them! xo

The watch photos are of watches I have listed for sale in my vintage shop. The pocket watches are listed here while the wrist watches are listed here.

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8 thoughts on “The iMac, the ACORN, the Vacation, the Stress”

  1. Hang in there Jess. I hope you enjoy your time away. Hopefully good friends, change of scenery and some learning at the conference will give you a boost.

  2. You hang in there, this is such a hard time for so many people. I really hope things work out ok for you. I had massive airborne allergies for my whole life. I went on a strict cleanse several years ago and it made a big difference. I try hard to stick to the diet now, and it really does help.

  3. A lovely old farmhouse in a rural setting would be perfect for you and Missy! Although it might push your reclusive tendencies over the edge… especially if you can continue living sustainably as you’d like to. You wouldn’t need to travel into town for anything. đŸ˜‰

  4. I too have just gone thru hell – with a terrible legal issue that cost us nearly 50k and almost landed a dear one in jail! When it was all over (after 5 yrs!) I must say I feel like a million dollars. It’s like a huge weight off and it feels better than I ever imagined!

    I know you have a bit more permanent issues to face (health) but hopefully you’ll get a grasp of it all and start to feel better soon. You are such a beautiful lady with a big heart. Something is going to go in the right direction soon!

    *Best wishes*

  5. I agree with Becky… the universe is preparing you for something big, something wonderful!
    I was just thinking this morning, about a period in my life a few years ago when everything was spiralling downward… and I felt like I’d lost control over my life. At that moment in time, I just wanted to curl up and die, or give up and suffer.

    But looking back in hindsight, it was a moment of transition. Shortly after hitting my breaking point, my life started getting easier and the “right” people began crossing my path…
    Suddenly, I wasn’t dressing in my burdens every morning, and I actually looked forward to each day.

    Of course, none of us live in perpetual joy and harmony all the time. Ha!
    We still have bad days/months/ – LOL – years!
    But it helps to know that the bad stuff does eventually go away, and life does get better. :)

  6. Uh oh… I saw the thing about your iMac and I have the same one… I bought it just before Christmas… I went back and looked at your original post about yours, and it looks like you’ve had it about a year and a half. That doesn’t bode well. I’m going to have to keep an eye out for problems similar to yours. And you bring up a very good point.. something that I’ve wondered about… Mac support in Saint John. I’m very good with PCs… but I’m brand new to Macs, so I wouldn’t trust me skills on a $2000 computer. It’s disappointing that there isn’t an Apple certified tech to take it to, in the event of a problem.

    I know that this comment might seem a little out of place… the main topic of your post was more meaningful than computer problems… I’m not oblivious to that part. :-) I do hope that you find some answers and start feeling better soon.

    Take care!

  7. Hey Jess!

    YAY for organics!!
    I had stomach issues after living in South Korea for awhile, and coming home, my body absolutely hated me. After visiting a local organics shop, and speaking with a nutrionist, she taught me the value in eating things that are organic and healthy for you… and you are right, it really is all related! Annnnnnd also, that I had a bad gluten allergy to boot!

    Good luck! And hang in there…. and “this too shall pass”

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