Customer Appreciation Photo – Bree’s post office

A few days ago, good friend and Massage Therapist from Portland, Oregon, Andrew Jecklin sent me this photo of his daughter’s play Post Office. She uses the little miniature greeting cards and envelopes that I create from scratch as part of her mail delivery system. Kids love these little cards!

There are now 10 different sets of greeting cards listed in the shop now to choose from.

And just for size reference, they are tiny!

Thanks Andrew for sending me this photo!

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4 thoughts on “Customer Appreciation Photo – Bree’s post office”

  1. OH my gosh, that is too cute! We used to make entire villages with blocks, and your cards would be just perfect for the tiny postal worker to deliver!

  2. Those cards (and envelopes) are simply adorable. Makes me wish the USPS would revise their size restrictions on letters so I can send people tiny mail. 😀

  3. They could be put inside a larger envelope for mailing purposes 😉

    Thanks for the kind words!

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