Win $5000 worth of original art by giving a donation of $10

UPDATE – Please see this blog post for the results.

I’ve been thinking about how to make my original art available to everyone, while still earning a fair living wage while doing so.

In order for this to work, a minimum of 500 donations must be received by April 15th, 2011. This amount will cover the cost of the original art, the subsequent shipping and Paypal fees related to said art. To enter, simply donate $10.00 CAD via the Paypal Donate Button located at the bottom of this post. You can donate more than once. Each donation received will be entered into the draw for one of five originals created by me. You could win more than once.

To see larger images of each original simply click on the image.

The Originals

Grand Prize – $3000 – Garden Aura
Size – 2 by 2 feet
Medium – Acrylic and varnish on masonite board
This original was created in 2003 or 2004. It was the last large size acrylic painting that I painted while living in Vancouver. It was inspired by my rooftop deck garden.

Garden Aura - original acrylic painting by artist jessica doyle

Second Prize – $800 – Chasing the Dragon
Size – 8 by 10 inches
Medium – Watercolour, india ink and coloured pencil on watercolour paper
This piece was created in 2010. You can read about the meaning behind this piece here.

Chasing the Dragon - original artwork by artist Jessica Doyle

Third Prize – $500 – School of Fish
Size – 8 by 10 inches
Medium – Watercolour, india ink and coloured pencil on watercolour paper
This original was created in 2009. I love sealife. You can read more about this illustration in it’s original blog post.

School of Fish - original illustration by artists Jessica Doyle

Fourth Prize – $250 – Belladonna
Size 4×6 inches
Medium – Watercolour, india ink and coloured pencil on Watercolour paper
This was one of the first pieces I finished in early 2008. This piece is double matted with an off-white mat and will fit directly into a standard sized 11 by 14 inch frame.

Belladonna - original illustration by artist Jessica Doyle

Fifth Prize – $200 – The Dream Bird
Size – 8 by 10 inches
Medium – Pen on heavy cream coloured card stock
I dreamed a lot while living in Vancouver. I drew this in 2006. The beauty of the mountains and continual birds that flew overhead where I lived were inspirational.

The Dream Bird - original ink drawing by artist Jessica Doyle

Total value of this drive is $4750 plus $250 for shipping/insurance/tracking. Each original will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and one limited edition surprise print. Please note that all artwork is unframed.

If 500 donations are not received by April 15th, 2011 I may extend the closing date of this drive to reach the required amount or only draw for the amount that was donated. For example, if 300 donations are received I’ll draw for the grand prize only. Donations will not be *refunded.

I will be keeping a text document to associate your Paypal email address to a number ranging from 1 to 500+ as the donations arrive. And once April 15th, 2011 arrives I will ask a third party to do the draw for me. This draw is open to everyone. You will be contacted by the email you provide in Paypal on April 16th if your number is drawn. Your name and country of origin will be shared if you are one of the winners after you are contacted. You will never be spammed by me or added to any mailing list of any kind that you did not opt into. Please read my customer feedback. I am an honest seller and artist.

Thank you and good luck! :)

UPDATE – Please see this blog post for the results.

*However, if you live in a country that Canada Post can not ship to by law due to war or corruption within your postal system, I will refund your donation promptly.

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