Culmination – new illustration

Mushroom art entitled Culmination by Artist Jesisca Doyle

Peeled the tape off of this piece last night, let it sit and air out. Not that an illustration created with ink, watercolour and coloured pencil needs to air out and dry but it is a nice way to welcome it into the world. Or perhaps, I’ve lost it.

On the other hand, titles for the illustrations that are airing out do not come easily at times. I didn’t title this piece until 10 minutes ago. It was going be called Untitled.

In the beginning I was going to call it Struggle then thought about Weird, Talking Worms, Floral Burst or Look deeply into my eyes and make a wish or This is what the world looks like on mushrooms, but none of those titles really struck a chord with me. So Culmination it is. Why you ask? Well, it’s simple, this is the first illustration that I completed after seven weeks of stressful living.

Look at this way… the stress swirling around in my brain finally made it out and onto paper in a way that I didn’t expect.

I’m using this new paper too. It’s Arches Cold Press Rough 140lb Watercolour paper. It’s textured and lovely!

Culmination measures 10 by 10 inches (25,3cm by 25,3cm) and was created with Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens, Winsor and Newton watercolour and Prismacolor Verithin coloured pencils.

Limited Edition 12 by 12 inch prints are available in the shop. This edition is limited to 25 only.

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18 thoughts on “Culmination – new illustration”

  1. That’s just gorgeous! I’m not much for watercolors (doing them, that is) so I always admire someone who can wield them with skill and precision!

  2. Thank you Julie. I tend to use a palette of about 8 colours maximum and mix them to acheive the desired effect and then add ink and coloured pencil.

  3. I always find your mixed media pieces amazing… how do you decide which bits get watercolored and which get colored in pencil? I guess those types of decisions make you the expert, huh. 😉
    As always, your details are stunning and need countless views…

  4. WOW, I could look at this all day! This is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the extra close-ups, I love seeing all the details.

  5. I tend to work in this order:

    1. Ink
    2. Watercolour
    3. coloured pencil
    4. more ink, more watercolour and more coloured pencil


  6. Wow… sitting here at work, with that print on my screen… guys are looking at me wondering what it is that I’m staring at so intently… It’s really good!

    I hope this means that the seven weeks of stress are finally starting to let up a little…

  7. love it! love all the tiny details that don’t show on first glance, like the fish’s eyelashes and the fractal spirals around the faces. love the bright, flowing, kinetic colour.

  8. Thank you Nancy. It feels good to be drawing again and creating larger more detailed pieces. Hope you are well!

  9. I’m just getting caught up now, but I absolutely love this piece. So *much* in there. The title is perfect — you’ve come out the other side. Hugs!

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