Saying thank you to my internet art supply and book angels

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Today, to my surprise I received a delightful box from Charles Smith in the mail. A few months ago he had written to ask if there were any art supplies that I needed as he was traveling to Japan where art supplies are cheap and plentiful as opposed to here in Eastern Canada.

After numerous emails from Charles I finally conceded and I wrote back and asked if he’d pick me up a few Pilot Choose Pens in white as my one lone one had all but run out. Well, I opened the box and there were five pens, two boxes of Prismacolor 36 pack Verithin coloured pencils and one box of Prismacolor 12 pack Watercolor pencil crayons. OMG. I was in tears. My pencil crayons were running out fast so this colourful box of goodies has really brightened my day.

07 nib

It’s pretty easy to go through a full pencil crayon in one sitting when you are beginning to work on larger pieces such as I’ve been doing recently. And I’m super ecstatic to have the 36 pack as all I had before was the 24 pack. Before that, I use to have 72 colours and watercolour pencils but when my ex-husband and I split up 10 years ago he got the coloured pencils in the deal. He is an artist too and a fantastic one at that.

Jessica Doyle holding a very well used Prismacolor Verthin Pencil Crayon

Desperate, I had run to Micheal’s about a week ago to buy emergency replacement pencils and was saddened that Prismacolor doesn’t sell singles of their Verithin brand so I reluctantly bought the softer leaded brand which don’t work as well for what I do as the leads are softer and bigger and you can get too detailed with them. I love their Verithin brand as they have hard leads that keep their points for a longer amount of time and they don’t break as easily when you are sharpening them.

The next thing I want to say thank you for that I never formerly published on the blog was a gift from Winsor & Newton in the UK. They sent me a little metal Bijou Box of watercolor last Summer! While I said thank you on Facebook and Twitter, shortly after that was when I began to feel ill and sadly, lost touch with them. I’m still working on using up another set from 2007 that I have before opening this new set. And I do prefer using cakes of watercolor over tubes. They are just sweeter to work with! Thank you Winsor & Newton.

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you to Nicole who had purchased The Easy Way for Women to Stop Smoking book from Amazon and shipped it to me. Sadly, the packaging slip was a little mutilated and wasn’t readable so I had no idea who had sent the book until she had written a few weeks ago asking if it had arrived. BTW, I’m still smoking outside mind you and do hope to stop one day soon. I’ve read the book twice now. I think I’m feeling rather ashamed that I’ve been unsuccessful at quitting nicotine. This eats me up more than you all realize as it seems to be a very taboo topic to actually talk about so I mostly suffer in silence.

All in all these supplies and the book couldn’t have arrived at a much better time as many of my supplies are dwindling. You all have made my day very special! Anyhow, I’ve added my mailing address to my about page. đŸ˜‰

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15 thoughts on “Saying thank you to my internet art supply and book angels”

  1. I could spend hours in art supply stores Shanda. Perhaps one day we’ll get to go supply shopping together or in the least window shopping.

  2. Wooow! You lucky thing. As it happens, I too had a box of Verithin arrive this week. Beauitfully and well packaged, only to discover that the actual box the pencils are in was damaged. I opened it anyway to check to see if the pencils were damaged, and they seem ok. However, it would then appear that the supplier has knowingly wrapped up and damaged box and sent it to me, and how was it damaged in the first place. If the box was dropped, what does that mean for the pencils..will they be broken inside. I was so excited as well. I have been using Caran D’ache for years, and other than the Faber and Castell polychromos pencils (which I also bought because of one of your posts), this was a real departure for me, and i had to have them shipped from the States. Luke had dropped them a line, but not sure whether to use them or not, they have been opened.

    Annnnyway, congrats on the bumper goodies. I LOVE getting art supplies in the post. New inks for my lino printing also arrived this week too.

  3. Wow! That was super sweet and generous of all those people. Those are the keeper type of people. People who give unconditionally. Yep! You lucky lady. I too could spend all day perusing art supplies. Any new art to show? Just love your work.

  4. You deserve it. You are so super talented!

    I can understand your cigarette addiction bothering you a lot! I totally know what it’s like to have an addiction. Try and take it in super duper baby steps. I wish you all the best.

  5. I gotta add that I admire you for how open you are about your life on your blog. Many times I’ve read what you wrote and think, “Oh my, that’s just like me!” I feel like I know you! I have so many, many things that I’d like to share on my blog but I am SCARED. I find out who reads them and I shudder to think of them reading it. It’s really TERRIBLE. So I admire you a lot. Maybe one day I’ll be able to dig in deeper and share more in the open! Thanks for being an inspiration.

  6. Oh, I get scared too. that would be why I have so many drafts in behind the scenes. Until I eat the fear they don’t get published đŸ˜‰

  7. It really blew my mind away. I began using the pencil crayons and pens last night to test them out.

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