Fast and processed foods need to be taxed at the same rate that cigarettes are taxed in Canada

cut up cigarette - trying to quit smoking

I wish the Canadian government would begin taxing fast and processed foods as much as they tax cigarettes immediately. And don’t even try to argue with me by saying it’s food, and a necessity. It’s not food. It’s a manufactured multi-national addiction too, brought to you by multi-national corporate marketing and advertising jingles combined with scientifically proven perfect amounts of fat, sugar, genetically modified soy and salt to make you want to consume it, more and more and more.

Fast food is next on the list for outrageous taxes. The day of the $20.00 Happy Meal is coming quicker than you think to Canada.

Fast food began being served in the mid 20th century and the serving sizes have been growing BIGGER, less real food and more in your face so you’ll love it more ever since. While cigarettes gained popular traction earlier in the 20th century, it wasn’t until 70 years of lies became public and millions of people died, before the populace woke up, discovered the truth about the dangerous health effects on humans caused by smoking cigarettes or cigars and chewing tobacco that they began putting bans and age restrictions in place and essentially made criminals out of those people who were/are addicted to nicotine.

Think smokers have it bad now… you wait… in another 10 years, you’ll begin to see the first Canadian federal laws passed and bans enacted to prevent fast and processed foods from even being carried onto the premises of Daycares, Schools, Colleges and Universities, followed by bans in workplaces and offices. In another 15 years you will not be able to eat fast food in public nor be allowed to feed it to your children if they are under the age of 18. And fast food conglomerates will be forced by law out of shopping malls. Strict draconian laws will be enacted and passed in parliament to protect the public from the all mighty hamburger, chicken leg and french fry as we all know the truth now, of the harm that this food is causing.

Why do you think shows like “The Biggest Loser” or “Heavy” even exist? It’s because they (the multi-national food corporations) are prepping the food addicts of North America for what is too come.

Be aware.

And the wave of get thin quick, only eat this diet plans, lose the weight TV shows, advertisements, support groups, nutritionists, appetite suppressants, stomach stapling surgeries and exercising gadgets are only just beginning to flood the market today and will continue to infiltrate your home and get much worse until those in power have sucked every penny out of you that you worked so hard for and you die 30 years prematurely of food addiction. Not to mention the ever growing healthcare costs of treating obesity. They’ve outpaced what it costs to treat smokers haven’t they?

The truth is, this does effect me. I am a nicotine addict, however, I very rarely eat fast or processed foods anymore. Doesn’t this sound similar to the food addict who only smokes on occasion?

Earlier this year I drove out of the city and into the next town to visit with an old childhood friend. We went walking for hours through her neighborhood in the cool January air while discussing this very thing. She only smokes on occasion… but is a food addict who is desperately struggling with her weight. I on the other hand am a nicotine addict and rarely eat fast food and struggle with the alienation and smell of being a smoker. It was the first time I beleive, that we connected on a much deeper level after realizing that although we are each battling a different and deadly manufactured addiction since high school ended 20 years ago, we are each struggling to find a solution and a way out. I still love this woman… and her strength even after 31 years of being friends. And we’d never think of not talking or hanging out with one another because of our addictions or worse judging each other because of them. However, I can’t smoke in her home and I don’t even smoke in my own home.

The stench caused by smoking one cigarette is no better or worse than watching and smelling while a Big Mac is being downed to someone who doesn’t eat that food. You will be chastised and forced to go outside in the cold when visiting friends and family who do not eat nor allow fast foods in their home when you need to have your fix and they might, eventually stop visiting you in your own home too. You’ll begin hanging around with those people who share your addiction and be told to move along and be told you can’t eat that here by law, or worse, be charged, fined or arrested for having fast food on your person.

I’m so tired of the argument “Well, I don’t smoke, these taxes don’t affect me”.

“Well, I don’t eat fast food, so this won’t affect me.”

It time for people to wake up. Where did our humanity, empathy and love go? That’s right… it went up in smoke or around the waistline.

The picture above I snapped during an umpteenth attempt to stop smoking back in January on this year.

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