Aliens with blue toes – illustration

Science fiction illustration by artist Jessica Doyle

This is the first illustration that I completed with the new art supplies! It measures 10×10 inches (25,5cm by 25,5cm) and was created with Prismacolor Verithin coloured pencils, Prismacolor watercolor pencil crayons and Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens on Arches rough cold press watercolor paper.

You can get toes here to hang on your wall. This is a limited edition run of 25 only with each fine art print measuring 12×12 inches (30,5cm by 30,5cm). Enjoy :)

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14 thoughts on “Aliens with blue toes – illustration”

  1. Wow! This is very colorful and vibrant compared to some of your more recent stuff. Me likey!! Keep up the good work and glad I could pitch in!

  2. Thanks Charles… I used the art supplies you sent. They are fun to experiment with especially the watercolour pencil crayons. And it’s uber nice to have more than 24 colours to choose from when creating!

  3. This is lovely! I am digging the fiery orange and red in contrast with the tealish-turquoise! Your textures and patterns are spot on as usual!

  4. Thank you Julie… The colours were fun to exaggerate with. The next illustration that I’m working on is a little more muted in colour.

  5. I personally think toes are gross..but you certainly made them interesting! If you don’t look too close, the toes almost look like exotic plants/flowers.

  6. JB – haha! It’s funny how certain body parts freak us out. I personally don’t like the looks of the back of a person’s neck. It makes me squeamish. It’s not often that I like what a person’s neck back looks like. I always the front but not the back where the neck meets the hairline. heeby jeebys.

  7. Have fun with the pens Megan… they are great to draw with and you can add watercolour on top of them without fear of the ink running. They are filled with india ink.

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