Cluster – a fungi illustration at sunrise

Mushrooms illustration magical art by jessica doyle sunrise

Paper Size – 10×10 inches (25,5cm by 25,5cm)
Mediums – Prismacolor watercolour penicl crayons and Verithin coloured pencils and Faber Castell Pitt Artist Oens on Arches rough textured watercolour paper

I really enjoyed creating this fascinating piece. The sky took a copious amount of time as it’s pencil crayon only which is much more time consuming to render with than watercolour at times. I spent most evenings over the last week or two working on the sky alone to give it that soft and serene effect. Above is what it looked like before any pencil crayon had been added to the sky.

And late last week I also took a trip to the local art store and purchased some smooth hot press Arches watercolour paper to test out on next. I’ve been working with cold press and cold press rough and need a change of pace eh!

It’s not often either that the embossed arches logo will show up on my artwork but it’s there in the lower right hand corner. See image below…

Anyhow, I created a 12 x 12 inch limited edition run of this illustration and it’s listed in the shop. Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I’d also like to welcome LittleStar Boutique as the first sponsor on this blog. If you are interested in sponsoring my blog get in touch.

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9 thoughts on “Cluster – a fungi illustration at sunrise”

  1. I absolutely love how that sky turned out with watercolor crayons! It’s very vivid and smooth… even the mushrooms look less frightening now that they’re dressed up in pretty colors… they resemble flowers. :)

  2. Floral mushrooms… I like that. They are happy it’s a new and sunshiney day!

  3. a beautiful piece! your background is wonderful and i can appreciate this time consuming process as i share your love for pencil crayons. the effect is well worth the time as it shows brilliantly. amazing work!

  4. Thank you Stacey. I think pencil crayons are my new favorite art supply next to watercolour of course.

  5. Love your work in pencils, I have been using hot pressed wtercolour paper for its smooth surface. Do you use the extra bright white or tradional white?
    Love your work!

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