Happy Mother’s Day – wreath of joy drawing

mothers day wreath illustration berries leaves joy happiness artist jessica doyle

Just a quick note to say happy mother’s mother’s day to my mom.

I love you! xoxo

I drew this wreath late last year with a Pilot G-tec C4 pen inside a Fabriano Quadrato journal. Last week, I added in some vibrant colour using Prismacolor Verithin coloured pencils and a few highlights with a white Pilot Choose pen. The illustration section pictured above, squared from the journal, measures roughly 5×5 inches (12,5cm by 12,5cm).

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12 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day – wreath of joy drawing”

  1. Thank you Jessica, the wreath is beautiful, love it and love you much xoxo Mom

  2. The wreath that you have drawn for your mom is really beautiful. I’m so glad daughters like you still appreciates moms by giving them better gifts with a personal touch.

  3. Hi
    Did your mom have a store in the Loch Lomond Mall years ago? Long shot but just wondering.
    Love your wreath.

  4. Barbie – yes, she did. Not a long shot at all. Have we met before?

  5. Wow, this is a small city. I really didn’t know your mom. I loved her store and went in often to browse around. I do remember her speaking one time about her daughter who was into art. My memory is foggy but I think you may have been going to school in Fredericton then.
    Anyway, happened to come across your site recently and the name Luella came up in the comments. Hope your mom and dad are well.
    Love your work.

  6. It is a small world. Nice to meet you again. Both my Mom and Dad are well too. Yes, I did attend college in Fredericton many years ago now from 1992 to 1996. I moved back to Saint John in 2001 and then out to Vancouver in 2003. I’ve been back in Saint John since May of 2007.

    Thank you for the kind words about my artwork. Cheers!

  7. Thank you sweety, Mothers Day was in April here, sort of coincided with my birthday. I think there is a piccy on facebook of me being woken up with my flowers, pressies and card.

  8. Happy Belated Mother’s Day! :)

    When is Father’s Day in the UK?

    In Canada Father’s Day is in June.

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