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UPDATE – Licenses have been adjusted to reflect Creative Commons 3.0 for personal use and the Pay-What-You-Can-Model for commercial use. Also prices have been standardized to $2.99 per download. Thank You!

About a year ago I began working on HandmadeCloud with the intent of it becoming a fully digital download shop that would supply individuals, families, teachers, students, interior designers and other businesses with original stock illustration. After many attempts and much frustration to get the site working properly, I decided to switch shopping cart systems. I’m very excited to say that Big Cartel works wonderfully in conjunction with PulleyApp and will serve all your illustration and decorating needs from within the comfort of your own home.

What exactly is a digital fine art download? A digital fine art download is a high resolution scan of an original piece of artwork. It is really no different than a photograph taken with the digital camera. It can be printed on Tshirts, coffee mugs, shoulder bags or even dinner plates. You can print it out on your home printer, bring it into your favorite local printer or upload it to a Print on Demand website and have them print it out at the size you want to later frame for hanging on your wall.

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The uses are endless. And best of all each download is personally licensed under a nifty and modern Creative Commons License meaning once you purchase the download you can do with it as you wish, within fair use guidelines of course. And if you want to earn money with the download, purchase the appropriate Commercial Use License which range in price from 80¢ per use down to 2¢ per use. Read about both licenses here.

So, if you are a jeweler, and want to place the artwork on pendant sets and sell them, just buy the appropriate license. And if you aren’t sure, you can buy the Personal Use License first and test one out and then come back and buy the appropriate Commercial License that suits your needs best.

Many of the downloads will print out at 300dpi and 24 by 24 inches! Maximum sizes are listed within each download listing. Many people have been requesting larger prints of my artwork and sadly, up until now I’ve had to say “I’m sorry, but I can’t print it at that size due to the limitations of my home printer or I can’t print it on a Tshirt for you because I don’t have the proper equipment”. Now you can buy the download and upload it to Cafepress, Lulu, Imagekind or even Zazzle or bring it to your local Kinko’s and have them print it out on Canvass, other fine art papers or printed on products such as a greeting card or wedding invitation. If you want to make money with those products just buy the right Commercial Use License from HandmadeCloud.

I’ve also been fielding requests to use my art on Tshirts and Fabric. Now you can do that too. Say you are a seamstress and want original fabrics to sew with. Buy a download and upload it to Spoonflower and print yourself a few yards of fabric. If you plan to sell your fabric creations or the yardage just buy a Commercial Use License from the drop down menu that is on every listing.

Person and Commercial use licenses on

My prices are well below what you’d pay for licensing art, illustration and/or photography and so they should be in this digital age that we live in. I’m an independent artist and know what it’s like not to be able to afford things. This is why I offer both the Personal License and Commercial Licenses at very reasonable prices. I want you you to be creative and not worry about what you can and can’t do legally with the download.

I hope you all enjoy the digital fine art downloads and I look forward to seeing what you create with them. I am working on adding new downloads on a weekly basis.

And in celebration of the grand opening, here is a coupon code for 25% Off that will work until July 12th. The coupon code is “GRANDOPENING” and it can be used during checkout on HandmadeCloud. Once payment is received you’ll be emailed a special link to download your purchase.

Thank you.

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