Simpler Times

With the way the world is moving it seems finding permanent solutions to anything, is at most, a lost pipe dream. And with what the media would have you beleive is that the world is collapsing in crisis and that we need more and more protections from nameless entities to ensure our safety and survival as a species. We need to be protected from ourselves.

And this all leaves me wondering where I fit into this picture. I think I’m on the outside looking in most of the time. It’s like I don’t know how to get there or everything I touch collapses, falls apart, moves away, stops talking to me, closes or mirrors in vanity.

This year more than any other I find myself jumping and wading through knee deep sludge. And at times it is grossly of my own doing. They say you are the creator of your own world and they also say that you can do anything or have anything you want if you work hard enough and somehow have enough luck. Really?

Then they say do what you love and the money will follow. Don’t be to nice but don’t lie either. Be honest, but don’t be a pushover. Hang in there okay and say your prayers and cross your fingers, dot your “I”s and cross your “T”s and wish for everlasting peace. It’s all a load of crockery don’t you think.

While many of us in the Western world are not destitute or starving, we are being force fed an image of reality that will keep us enslaved until we die.

And like many, I long for simpler times, but maybe those fabled simpler times are just that, the poplar image of yesteryear that survived the test of time. For, how do we know if yesterday was easier than today and how do we know that tomorrow might just be more hopeful than today.

And this isn’t to say that it’s all been gross. It’s rather been kind of fun getting down and dirty in said sludge, searching for answers.

The photo above I snapped one day while walking through a field on my way to the bank on the East Side of Saint John. In the distance is Uptown Saint John.

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6 thoughts on “Simpler Times”

  1. I’ve been in a downward spiral of disillusionment lately. Wondering whether or not what I’m doing even matters, if anyone even cares. Concerned about my choices matching up with the ever depressing economic situation. I’d felt hopeful about most all that until last week.

    Debating whether I should just say “Screw It” to everything and move to Hawaii and grow avocados and raise chickens and work in a flower shop.

    Ultimately, I think wrestling with myself, my choices, my art, is what the process is about anyway. The art is just a reflection of all this. I am the artist. My moods and shifts are what make the art, what grow my future, whatever that may be.

    I’m trying to learn new things, and keep moving forward. I want to constantly make myself more interesting, more viable (not just to the outside world, but to myself.) At the very least it keeps me working towards something.

    I have really big dreams. Sometimes the road to get there seems incredibly daunting.

  2. I hear you, sister!

    One thing about those “simpler times”: maybe we didn’t have time to stew in these thoughts and concerns that plague us. If you’re raising kids, working in the fields (my people were farmers), the market, whatever else you have to do to survive and thrive in a world made by hand, you just don’t have time to dwell on this stuff. In that sense, it is simpler.

    Not that I want to avoid the deep questions; however, what I do know is I am most at peace when I am actually physically working, outdoors in nature and with my child, in a canoe on a lake.

  3. I totally understand everything you are saying and can really relate to it! I find the media and world in generally are giving us these ideas of how we should live and that ‘success’ is everything. Even catching up with my favourite blogs can sometimes leave me feeling a total loser because of how seemingly perfect the bloggers homes, husbands, businesses are – sometimes it’s overwhelming.

    All my life I have had an ego created (unconsciously) image of what I should have become by 30 – a successful business woman with lots of money and a big house. I haven’t achieved that yet and until recently felt very down and useless because of it. But then I started to think about what success really is? Maybe real success is in the small things like being kind to a neighbour or appreciating those around and nature or even just getting through the day in one peice! They say we are all connected and so in my view – being kind to one person is being kind to the whole world. I have decided to let go of constantly striving for perfection, yes money is important but I don’t lots and lots. It sounds wishy washy but living in the moment has really helped me lately and I find I don’t fret about the future (or more importantly the past) quite so much – I now feel happy most days and I think thats what success is (to me) xx

  4. Just remember for every success you long for, you have a success that someone else longs for.

  5. Jessica,
    Your post should be the key featured spot on the current news.

    Allow me to say, before I continue further, the comments (4, as of my reading) were insightful and reaffirming. Andrew’s comment was particularly inspiring.
    I have noticed the media has a significant effect on my perspective. I want to know what is occuring in the world…but to what end? There are factual occurrences that I wish to be made aware of…but the additional ‘fear factor’ and nonsense (celebrity who-haw) cloud my day, and put me on-edge.

    I have been on my own for 14 years. I have raised two children (now on their own) during that time. I have some post college degree education. I have worked in hostile and sexually abusive envirornments. I did what needed to be done to survive. I have changed careers and sought more education to seek better employment.

    I finally had a job that paid my “worth” for 1 year (after 2 prior years of employment with same employer). I was laid-off four days prior to this past Christmas. I am considered self-employed (as you are), and have not had health insurance for over 10 years (I live in the States). I currently work as an independent…and the money is inconsistent and often terrifies me.

    The photo you posted is very similar to one I keep as a my “contemplation place”.

    Your posts and cooperating commentary are very valuable to this current world in confusing and distresing times.

    Thank you for your honesty. I hope you put your thoughts further into the mainstream , that others will see the truth of the effects in our area of the world.


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