The DIY Deck in Pictures

My feet on the new deck!

When I purchased this home a couple of years ago the side stairs and small 3 by 3 foot landing were in pretty rough shape, but still usable. By the beginning of this Summer they were detaching from the house and were unsafe to continue using. My Dad and brother dropped by about a week ago and built this new 6 by 8 foot deck and staircase for me in one day.

This is the story in pictures… (click them for a larger image)

My Dad (John) the mason and younger brother (Stephen) the journeyman carpenter are awesome! I love you both and the new side deck rocks!

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2 thoughts on “The DIY Deck in Pictures”

  1. That must’ve been a huge relief off your shoulders! The deck finally fixed and looks amazing! Now you have room to actually turn around, sit down, and even dance on your deck… 😛

  2. Dancing indeed! Now, I need to save to the backyard deck as it’ll make another year but after that it won’t be in very good shape either.

    I’m rather grateful that my font stairs are made of poured concrete! 😉

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