Four vintage Smurfs and one vintage Carebear

Papa smurf, smurfette, carebear

A few weeks ago I held a small reunion of sorts in the backyard for close friends and family. Three of my long-time friends were in attendance. We all grew up on the same street thirty odd years ago and remain friends to this day.

My three nieces were here too and the youngest of the three asked if I had anything she could play with. I ventured down to the basement storage and retrieved four vintage Smurfs from 1981 and one vintage Carebear from 1983 for her to play with. She was delighted!

Below from left to right is Cinnamon, myself, Lisa and Shyanne. We used to play with those plush toys growing up!

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4 thoughts on “Four vintage Smurfs and one vintage Carebear”

  1. Jessica, I totally just pulled out that same Smurfette for my son to play with this week! He wasn’t so excited about her, though, just used her as a teething toy (probably destroying any potential she had for paying for his college education). Poor Smurfette.

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