A List of 10 Good Things

It’s so easy to focus on what’s wrong and forget about what is right within our own personal lives. These last few months I’ve found myself pulling away from the online world and forming and strengthening relationships in the real world and honing and learning new skills that will indeed help me in the future.

swiss chard saint john new brunswick

While the cooler Fall weather settles into the Northern Hemisphere we need to take stock of what is good and positive.

Here is a list of 10 good things.

1. Vegetable and herb gardening in the backyard (rainbow chard pictured above)
2. Eating locally sourced organic food (meats, eggs, veggies)
3. Learning to freeze, preserve, pickle and can with Mom
4. Building a cold room for storing root veggies with Dad
5. Building two new decks on the house with my Dad and Brother
6. Family and friends
7. Three great tenants living in the house
8. 2012 Calendars are listed
9. The hypothyroidism is under control
10. Seriously thinking of beginning an organic farm

A few readers have written asking why I haven’t been blogging. The Summer slow down perhaps? Nothing to say maybe. Needing downtime and outside time in order to keep it all in perspective for when I’m able to return to it most likely.

I don’t like to make promises as they are surely to be broken but I can say that I’m never very far away and doing my best to work through some creative, insurance (nightmares) and future-proof business solutions so that the good things might multiply.

I hope you all are doing well too.

The kitten pictured above is my parents new kitten. She is crazy and had jumped on my lap to play with the camera cord.

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4 thoughts on “A List of 10 Good Things”

  1. Been missing you, but as someone else who has fallen off the web herself lately, I understand.

    Thank you for the reminder to focus on all the good, little things that Life has to offer, when all too often the big, bad things are demanding all our attention.

  2. Is that chard? I’m just becoming au fait with these. I saw some rainbow chard at a national trust organic garden and vegetable plot (possibly Sissinghurst) and I fell in love with the colours. So vibrant. Currently neogiating 8-ball squash and beetroot so if you have an interesting recipes to share please do. I’ve already pickled some beetroot but was thinking of making a chutney with the rest. Wishing you a good October :)

  3. Ps- highly support getting out and about and living life every once in a while. That’s what it’s all about. Hope you’re feeling grounded and inspired day by day x

  4. I fall off the web occasionally, too. Life lately has felt like a bunch of ping pong balls on a trampoline – stuff flying all over….some good, some bad. Things will settle eventually. Good for you on being positive!

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