It isn’t about pushing

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It’s about walking and talking and sharing our experiences with one another. It’s about laughing as much as it is about crying or being angry and frustrated.

Maybe it’s more about trust than judgement. And maybe life is just that; life until it ends.

Pushing your way through life, really, is no fun. And being pulled through life isn’t really about living either. When one is pushed one ends up in the future anxious and unable to focus in the present and when one is pulled kicking and screaming away from the past it’s almost enough to make one want to end it.

I tend to go into the future a lot. Not so much lately, but in the recent past, most certainly.

And I’ve kind of decided that life isn’t fair and that life is not about equality and that equilibrium, while it may exist is most surely out of whack here in the 21st century as we transition into the unknown.

So many run-on ideas have been colliding in my head since late January…

Photo credit – Jessica Doyle

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4 thoughts on “It isn’t about pushing”

  1. Your post is so universal…. In many ways fits into many situations in life. Thank you, Jessica.

  2. Perhaps instead of pushing your way through life (and missing out on the opportunities in the present) or being pulled through life (and not focusing on the present as we are looking in the past) we should prance through life (or walk, but I wanted something that started with a “p” so :-P).

    Enjoy life’s moments as they come and if you have a specific direction then enjoy the journey towards the destination as well as the destination itself.

  3. I heard Sheryl Crow’s song on the radio this morning, “Soak Up the Sun”… and the line: “It’s not getting what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got” is really relevant to me lately, and I’ll bet, to you also.
    I’ve been obsessing over where I want to be (in life, in love, in just about everything) ~ and what I haven’t done ~ and haven’t stopped to appreciate where I am. 😛

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