Metamorphosis – anemone drawing

Anemone drawing by artist Jessica Doyle

When you have felt bad for so long you don’t realize how bad you actually were feeling until you feel a bit better. And when you really begin to believe that when you let go of all that bad, your heart will automatically open and be receptive to all the good.

anemone detail

I drew this mystical marine anemone with ink and coloured pencil inside a 9×9 inch Fabriano Quadrato Artist Journal.

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2 thoughts on “Metamorphosis – anemone drawing”

  1. It’s beautiful and has a lot of meaning behind it. Congratulations on being able to receptive to all the good that is coming your way!

  2. Thank you Zal… while it’s difficult to keep one’s chin up at times… drawing it out on paper and letting it go into the wilds of online certainly helps.

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