I see dead birds

I don’t see dead people but I’ve certainly been seeing my share of dead birds lately. This latest pigeon was bludgeoned in the Woodlawn Schoolyard off Westmorland Road this past Sunday evening on April 29th.

At first I thought it was just a bunch of feathers strewn across the green but upon closer inspection the carcass was fresh and dripping with blood. My co-walker and myself were certainly grossed out as I kneeled to get a closer look.

I think the stray cats or hawks or eagles in the neighborhood are attacking!

On a brighter note… the grass is certainly growing green on this side these days!

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2 thoughts on “I see dead birds”

  1. Hee, fun! I’ve never found a freshly killed bird before. I did however notice one in my backyard after the snow went away. Someone got it with a pellet gun or something, so part of the skull is broken, but it’s still keepable aside from that.

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