Owl Tattoo

cute owl tattoo - owl illustration design by artist jessica doyle

A few months ago, Kayleigh wrote asking for permission to use my artwork as a tattoo. She wanted to use the opening owl from this blog post as the basis for her tattoo.

The final tattoo turned out pretty fabulous don’t you think! I’m truly honoured that someone liked my artwork enough to have it tattooed on their skin.

Thanks for sending in the picture Kayleigh.

Interested in getting a tattoo of my artwork… simply download it from HandmadeCloud.

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6 thoughts on “Owl Tattoo”

  1. Jessica, can you tell me about handmade cloud? Is this your site, or a site where any artist can “sell’ their work digitally. I did look on the page but couldn’t see anything to enlighten me….


  2. Hi Jessica, I just found your art through a friend of mine who linked to you on Facebook.  I am delighted to see this post because as soon as I saw your drawings, I immediately knew that yours was the style of art I have been looking for for years to base a tattoo on.  If the artwork that I like isn’t on your HandmadeCloud site, can I still use it?  Can it be made available?  I love your fish, and want to get several different ones to represent my kids.

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