About selling at markets, having a boyfriend and living a sober life

O is for owl - childrens art for bedroom by artist jessica doyle

It’s been a long time since I felt confident enough to say I love what I do. Selling at the City Market over the last few weeks has been a blessing. I worked hard to find full-time work outside of the home yet almost every door I knocked on stayed closed for the last seven years. So, I’ve always returned to creating my own work.

Not everyone is meant to work a 9 to 5 job and this time around I accept that. Just as I’m not supposed to drink or smoke. It’s been over five months since I had my last drink and while it’s occasionally hard, it’s getting easier to focus on life without donning the rosé coloured glasses.

And it’s very strange to begin seeing clearly the reasons you drank, used drugs or smoked.

I “used”, to dull emotions, senses and stimuli. I would then use to heighten them when I didn’t have enough energy.

I feel more high sober than I did high so to speak. I’m accepting the strong emotions and insane bursts of energy and focus as they come on and the people closest to me accept them too. I let those people know what’s going on and don’t bottle the sh!t up nor spend too much time alone except when working here in the studio or when resting after work.

And I’m working lots these days. The pictures in this post are scenes from the Saint John City Market, the monthly outdoor Queen Square Market, a new owl limited edition print and of the mantle in my living room. That piece sold and is on route to Indiana at the time of this writing. But, you can get your own limited edition Sassy Sea Urchin here to frame and hang on your wall form the shop.

And the boyfriend has been a positive influence on me for sticking to a routine especially when getting to bed and getting up in the morning. We drink tea and talk, go for long walks, cook meals, spend time with family, play games, explore, laugh and enjoy the present. We have much in common and enough self interests to keep things interesting and moving forward. Most of all our core values, beliefs and morals are in line with one and other.

I didn’t know that life could be this way. And I didn’t know that by saying “no” to things that didn’t feel right that eventually the right stuff would make it’s way into my life.

BTW… i’ll be at the Saint John City Market on June 30th and again on July 1st in my regular stall down by Pete’s Frootique. Drop in to say hi! I’ve got many new framed pieces to choose from, new prints and the locket sets too.

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11 thoughts on “About selling at markets, having a boyfriend and living a sober life”

  1. Hey there lovely girl…

    What a smashing, upbeat, sunny and refreshing post to read this morning.
    I am soooo glad things are going well for you. All the work looks as always, FAB.

    Keep it up peaches, and *hugs & Kisses* to ya.

  2. Hi Jessica…..one day at a time anything is possible.  17 years sober and living proof that if I can do it anyone can!  LOVE your talent!!

  3. Your City Market space looks amazing! And I can appreciate all the hard work you put into your presentation, because I’m in the midst of it myself (and still haven’t found time to blog about it! LOL!) These newest changes seem to be The Turning Point ~ your life is now heading in a better direction, and it’s been a long time coming, eh?

    I always knew you would find a good man, too. hehe 😉

  4. Your work is stunning! so talented…4 of your prints r proudly hanged  in my home in Israel. good luck with everything :)

  5. Hi Jessica, just a comment I thought you should know, It is very hard to read your website, due to the text being too small! It could also be darker, perhaps you could look into this…

    Great work otherwise, keep it up!

  6. I just read your blog. I am now more proud of the art I have purchased for my nusery. I’m going to have my first child and the pictures on her/his wall will remind me of the courage I should instill in him/her. Good luck with your art. I will probably buy more over time.

  7. Your setup looks amazing and congratulations on being sober and drug free.  Your art is so beautiful, a true gift.

  8. Wonderful post, I really appreciate your honesty and truthfulness. Great to have you share it.

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