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Missy Two Shoes Died Today or why the decision to euthanize a pet is agonizing

I feel a little stunned and the back of my eyes and head hurt while my heart aches. Missy would have turned 17 years old this Summer which is 84 years old in human years.

She was a happy cat, a trooper, and travelled and lived from one coast of Canada to the other with me. She saw me through two major surgeries, marriage, divorce, addiction, and too many parties and both good and bad times to count. She always purred when you patted her and rolled onto her back for you to rub her belly. Missy loved when I whistled The Andy Grifith tune to her. She used to spend hours outside on decks and rooftops, catching moths at dusk or licking dew off of leaves in the garden. She was a great furry companion.

She is survived by Little Orange, her adoptive son, and Skulley, her stepsister and predeceased by Cat McGandy.

I miss her so much right now. It was agonizing taking her to the veterinary clinic this afternoon to euthanize. She lost the ability to walk this morning and would not eat or drink anymore. Her heart was failing and I couldn’t bear to watch her suffer any longer.

I love you Missy. You are truly missed and will never far from my thoughts.

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12 thoughts on “Missy Two Shoes Died Today or why the decision to euthanize a pet is agonizing”

  1. So sorry, Jessica. We went through the same just a few months ago with our cat, Billy. It is tough!

  2. I’m very sorry for your loss. As tough as this time may be for you, know you acted in her best interest. Take care.

  3. What a heart felt to a dear friend. We had to put down our cat (Sir Oscar) last summer. He was only 9 but lived a good life. We’ve purposely neglect to fix some scratch marks on door trim just to keep him around in spirit.

  4. I have two other cats at home right now. So sorry for your loss too. They touch our hearts in so many ways don’t they.

  5. I have been through this kind of pain more than once. I feel for you. Sorry you are going through it. She and you were so lucky to have each other.

  6. Dominic turns twelve this summer, and I worry about him as I watch him getting older. Missy lived a long, full life for a cat, and most importantly, she was happy with you. You blessed each other, and her furry spirit will always be with you. =^,,^=

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I seem to get emotional about her at the weirdest times right now. I playing with my daughter and got cat fur on my nose am it made me cry. I miss her but no she is happy now and at peace.

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