Addiction Hurts Just Like Any Other Disease

There are times when we need to go back to remember how we arrived to, today. Tonight I traveled back to a night that I lived through. On Friday, August 19, 2005 I had written a very convoluted email to my employer essentially giving notice that I quit. That evening turned into night. Early that […]

Passionate Addiction

Congratulations to all the sites accepted into the 9rules Blog Network. I just finished going through the list of acceptees – 111 new sites have been added to the infamous network pending acceptance of their respective member agreements. is not on the list. My emotional plethora of passionate addiction will continue travelling forward nonetheless. […]

Happy Kitty

Missy Two Shoes Died Today or why the decision to euthanize a pet is agonizing

I feel a little stunned and the back of my eyes and head hurt while my heart aches. Missy would have turned 17 years old this Summer which is 84 years old in human years. She was a happy cat, a trooper, and travelled and lived from one coast of Canada to the other with […]

To drink or not to drink and how this relates to crohn’s disease

After a couple of weeks of reading too many self help sites and reminicing over what doctors, councillors, and other medical professionals and what family and friends have said or not said or suggested I find myself thinking back to when I was healing after a second surgery for Chron’s Desease which saw 11 inches […]

Gulp – simple fish sketch

You gotta swallow hard when what’s around you is changing more rapidly than you are able to handle. This is the point when you realize you can not go back, but are terrified to more forward, and more than that, numb to the present. For me this point hit on Day 4 while detoxing in […]

The Artist’s Drug of Choice

What’s your poison? Chocolate? Video-games? LSD? Self-consciousness? Artists have become notorious for substance use, addiction, and a good measure of crazy, which is probably intertwined with our ability and our need to make art. Not that all of us are crazy (yeah, right) and not that we’re all addicted to chemical head changes. Or… are […]