Muffin Recipe – Grammie’s Low Fat Cranberry Bran Banana muffins

A few months before my grandmother passed away I spent an evening with her and did some baking. Together we created this muffin recipe that I originally scribbled in a Moleskine journal. I’ve since formulated it into a proper recipe. Get your mixing bowls ready! You’ll need two mixing bowls; one for the liquids and […]

The 2009 Christmas Wishlist

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens, five each of super fine nib, brush nib & medium nib and two Fine nib all in black and one package of four sanguine and sepia colours Pilot G-tec C4 Pens – two Black ones please Moleskine Colour a Month Daily Planner Medium Length Winter Coat (maybe a red semi […]

Knowledge no.1 & no.2 – Exploring the Traditional and Digital Mediums

Last year I was fortunate enough to acquire two printers. Since then, the task of scanning and digitizing my original artwork has consumed much of my waking hours. Each original needs to be scanned at a minimum of 300dpi. I scan at 800 to 1200dpi to achieve maximum quality. If you scan at a higher […]

Rudolph the Alien Llama

Rudolph Rudolph Rudolph the alien reindeer Llama had a lopsided eye and one three toed hoof …and enjoyed wearing red neck ties to work. He had a five headed alien sister… …and red conjoined alien brothers. All three were drawn using black and red Pilot Gtec C4 pens in a Moleskine Cahier. :: :: :: […]