About selling at markets, having a boyfriend and living a sober life

It’s been a long time since I felt confident enough to say I love what I do. Selling at the City Market over the last few weeks has been a blessing. I worked hard to find full-time work outside of the home yet almost every door I knocked on stayed closed for the last seven […]

At this time of year anything is possible

And at this time of year anything can happen. Over the last month or so I haven’t wanted to talk about me or what is going on in my life online save for the occasional tweet or Facebook update. I’ve been doing my best to pay attention and more than that just to be present […]

Life is good. Don’t give up.

What would a person succumb to if they lost their ability to create or it was forcefully taken away during times of joy, sadness, anger, anxiety, illness or struggle? Most people have developed coping routines, whether they are conscious of them or not, that they do automatically during emotional periods of their lives. But we […]

I wish this paper held more meaning or why income tax should be abolished

Last night I began the task of sorting all my papers from 2010 into piles. There are shipping cost piles, art supply piles, utility bill piles, packaging supply piles, energy pile, gas pile, two insurance piles, an oil pile, cleaning supply pile, mortgage pile, car cost pile, an office supply pile, printing supply pile, sale […]

The Medicine of Duck Duck Goose

So thank you everyone for the kind words and for sharing your hypothyroidism stories here on the blog, on Google Buzz and in email with me. The hardest part in all of this is accepting it and thus moving forward with changes I must make to my daily routines and eating habits. I have many […]

About me – a list of 130 things

To compliment the 130 things about the man I want in my life, I am creatively particular. I prefer Mac to PC. I am more anxious than depressed. I am hopeful. I am lead by emotion. I can see the other side. I am allergic to scented products and some pollens. I am severely allergic […]

I don’t know how it happened…

…and I don’t know if I like it… Have you ever found yourself in a situation where what you knew for over 20 years; two decades folks have rapidly evolved into another routine… one that wakes and puts you to sleep at different hours than that which you were accustomed to both physically and mentally? […]