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Jessica Doyle - artist, illustrator, blogger, designer, saint john, NB, Canada

You know, this is likely the page I ponder most yet update least on this blog.

If you could see my desk at the moment you’d understand how difficult it is to write a few paragraphs about oneself when she is copiously preoccupied with everything else but that which is in front of her. Life has a way of intermingling into our thoughts in attempts to control our behavior in the physical world and sometimes it’s just nuts how much one can bounce from thing to another. I’ll tell ya though I’d rather be bouncing than down on my luck spiritually, mentally or physically and even financially.

I’m grateful for a vivid imagination and as such I rarely complete that everything that distracts me, although it does get done eventually. Life is good.

As I approach middle age I wonder what it was like to be middle aged at 20, two hundred years ago? I would be close to death today, by those standards, and oddly enough met the grim reaper around that age after suffering through Crohn’s disease. I did lose about five years of living life during this time period to doctors, surgeries, prescribed pills and to intrusive medical tests that made you vomit from every hole in your body. Well, let’s just say the human body can endure and heal and recover and ultimately, move on.

I admire doctors but honestly they can only heal you if you have the strength to want it enough.

So, I’m glad it’s not one hundred years ago. I’ve also recovered from numerous addictions and most recently from Hypothyroidism.

During my teens I dated a boy who was physically and emotionally violent and it was a struggle to finally break away from the abuse at age 17. At age 19 after dating a few different people, I moved away to Fredericton and lived with and later married a wonderfully artistic man. We went through art college together and we loved each other dearly but grew apart romantically. I divorced him after eight years of being together. Talking to the reaper really makes you decide what is important and what isn’t. We ultimately didn’t want the same things from life.

After the marriage breakup I moved back to my hometown of Saint John and in with my parents. I found an apartment and got a job working as a graphic designer. At the same time I began using club drugs and partying a lot but not so much that it interfered with my work or life. I had studied illustration and graphic design at the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design in Fredericton from 1992 to 1996 and was enjoying working in this field. Well, I got laid off of my job in late 2003 and decided on a whim to move West with a friend in early February 2004.

We settled into Vancouver life and it wasn’t too long before I met the true love of my life in more ways than one. I fell in love with a man and also fell in love with drugs. I partied hard and studied even harder as I had returned back to college at Langara for one year of intensive upgrading training in the field of Graphic design. I succumbed to addiction shortly after graduating while working 60+ hours per week as an art director in 2004. It took three attempts and quitting my career for good to finally clean up from GHB addiction. I’ve been sober off chemicals for close to six years now.

My boyfriend abruptly left in late 2006. I rapidly descended into poverty and struggled to even feed myself all the while staying clean and off those hard drugs. This blog was born in hopes of finding another way of life, one that was holistic and didn’t involve me having to work 9 to 5 or worse selling my soul to the communications, advertising and marketing industries.

I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 34 and do not take medication for it. I live and work from home and have a couple of awesome roommates.

I come from a hard working and kind family. They mean the world to me and oddly enough I moved back to the very same neighborhood that I grew up in and live, all but four blocks away from my folks here in Saint John.

Art has been the one thing that has been with me since a very early age. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing or in the least thinking about drawing. I spend much more on art supplies that I do on clothing in a year. I also garden during the warmer months.

I make art on fascinating papers using watercolour, coloured pencils, inks and pens. I paint on wood too.

To buy my fine art go to http://etsy.com/shop/JessicaDoyle

Or visit http://jessicadoyle.bigcartel.com (under construction) and download premium high resolution images for your personal use licensed under a Creative Commons Copyright License. Nice eh!

I create, photograph, list, blog and package, ship, email, write, book-keep and manage most of my own business affairs. It’s funny how a bit of writing about an about page clears the head enough to clean the desk. 😉

This blog’s comment policy.

Having lived on both coasts of Canada I can say I’m “Back-East” now eh!

I am 37 and happy.

I accept donations to this blog to keep it running. Your donation will go towards the purchase of art supplies and web related costs of running this blog. Thank you!

Ways to get in touch with me:

  • Email – HandmadeCloud AT gmail DOT com
  • Facebook – http://facebook.com/JessicaDoyleArt
  • Skype by appointment only
  • Mailing Address:
    Jessica Doyle
    40 Park Ave.
    Saint John NB E2J 1R4

49 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am contacting you to request permission to use one of your photographs. My name is Leanne Woods, and I work for Westside Church in Bend, Oregon. Our pastor is developing a sermon series titled “Real Hope”, and has asked me to secure an image of a pine tree growing from a rock. I did a google search and found your image of a pine growing from a crack. Would you consider allow us to use your image for the marketing of this campaign? We would adapt the image in scale as needed and then add the words “Real Hope”, along with our logo. The image would be used on our weekend service folders, posters, street banners and on our website. Please email me directly and let me know if you would give us your permission.

    Leanne Woods
    Director of Communications

    For more information about our church you can visit our website online at http://www.westsitechurch.org. Thank you.

  2. Hey, I love to read peoples blogs that are living their passion or least trying to, ha. It’s very inspiring and exciting. I checked out your art, I love the deco bird and mod box…i think thats what their called. Anyways lovin the blog. It’s funny how pain and near death experiences can actually be a great friend in disguise, in my experience they have shown me how to live. I wish you the best in life!

  3. Hi! I surfed through your pages and was amazed by your flawing energy and art. I like the mandala, tradition, pop art, and psychedelic mix of your work, or so I feel for it. Greetings from the greek islands !

  4. Hi Leonidas – Greetings from Canada! Happy Valentine’s Day and thanks for the cool words about my art!

  5. Hi Jessica,
    I wandered by along the usual weird paths; I was looking for visual artwork depicting near-death-experiences and somehow ended up here. Well I didn’t find any of that (yet) but your beautiful artwork instead.
    Your colors and textures are truly fantastic; I fully understand your apparent fascination for trees, plants, fungi and, er, um cold sores. Well, not so much them perhaps, but I find it interesting that you committed the little devils to paper. Serves ’em right.
    “Do you love me?” is a gem and ‘Day Dreams’ is a . . . dream. Really great work; thanks for your inspiring blog.


  6. Thanks so much for the kind words Son! Cheers to you to!

    And sadly I’ve experienced three near death experiences. They are written deep within the catacombs of this blog… 😉

  7. Gday Jessica,
    Just wanted to say that i was reading through a Google Wave just now, when your avatar caught my eye. I clicked it and followed the link to your website where i discovered some pretty awesome illustrations.
    I love your work. For some reason they take me back to a place in my imagination that only existed when i was a child. I love it!

    All because your Sassy Sea Urchin got my attention.

  8. Gabriel! Hi!
    Thank you so much for the google wave invite and also for liking my art. Glad it brought you to an imaginative child-like place :)

  9. Just wanted to post you a message and say thanks for inspiring me. I’ve posted you as inspiration on my blog and before even reading about you I described your work as whimsical. :) I hope you don’t mind but i stole the idea for moleskine journals, their brilliant. Keep posting and i’ll keep following.

    (aka kayleigh)

  10. Hi Jessica,
    I was inspired to send a message to a complete stranger and say how much I like your artwork, because it’s a lot like what I draw. I’ve bookmarked your page and will check in now and again. Keep up the good work.

  11. P.S. – You should reverse your comments so that the most recent ones are at the top and not at the bottom, if you know what I mean.

    – s

  12. I am overwhelmed by your strength and resiliency.  I absolutely cannot imagine what you have been through.  I have a post on my blog that is entitled “Losing Everything Leaves You With Everything”….amazing how so much loss can provide so much growth and progression.  Your work is beautiful and is a testament to your passion.  Very happy to have met you last night at the craft show (I’m the neuro nurse trapped in the writer’s body :)

  13. Hi Jessica. Im currently going through my bloglist going through every blog i like and reading it really indepth to get a good idea of what each blogger and their projects are about and i decided to start with yours because for some reason your stuff just keeps popping up. This may be the third time ive come across you today, completely by chance, so i thought i’d make you my first blog-tour- call it destiny. So im vsiting your about page first and i just wanted to send you my best wishes and say you sound like a fascinating lady and i cant wait to explore your blog more.

  14. Jessica I love your wine bottles. Is is ok to use them on a personal card for a friend?

  15. Shayla is an occasional contributor to my blog. You can learn more about her on her blog which is linked to from the sidebar on the right.

  16. I absolutely enjoyed reading your list of the 130 about you and what you want in your man. Very cool. Candor. What a refreshing reality. Much luck with your search. I love art, and I promise to peruse your offereings. If there is something I like, I’ll buy it. ~marcus

  17. HI Jessica it was so nice to meet you today.  Love your work.  Very unique and interesting.  Im hoping next time to make a purchase!  Welcome back to SJ I had no idea the city has a market in Qeeen sq until i read some of your blog.  Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  18. Hello I have chosen to study your work for my GCSE final exam especially your fish paintings, my question is movement and I would love to know what your inspiration was

  19. I Love your art! I am retired and have never had any official art training but have always been creative. I also have several different projects under “construction” and supplies for many more waiting to become whatever they will. I have found that the ink, watercolor, colored pencil is my passion right now and have been self educating myself. Mostly by trial and error! But I have been working on a piece and needed examples of sea anemones etc. so I googled and found your Wonderful Site. Tons of inspiration here in more than one way! Thank You!

  20. Hi Jessica, I am researching you as an artist for my BTEC level art as my theme is seashore and I have chosen to look at sea urchins. Upon researching I came across your illustrations and found them to be an amazing form of art to look at. I was wondering what inspired you to do art and what you like to achieve when doing your illustrations.

    P.S. I really love your work :)



  21. I was browsing around and came across your blog. I have been looking for blogs of creative people. I love your blog, the art work are absolutely beautiful. Have a nice day

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