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Series of Greeting Cards – A Little Something

The flowers are just beginning to show themselves here popping up through the ground in the port city of Saint John. For me this is generally a very happy time of year where most of the drawings and illustrations that I completed during Wintertime are scanned and turned into prints and paper goods.
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New Valentine Greeting Cards and a mini giveaway

Update – comments are now closed. I will announce the winner of the four pack of Valentine’s on Tuesday! xoxo

Over the last week I have been working on a couple of new designs for Valentine’s Cards. And they are completed and listed in the shop now. The first is called Hearts on Strings and the latter is entitled The Flamboyant Heart.

Each set contains six matching greeting cards and six envelopes. Each card measures 4.25 by 5.5 inches (10,5cm by 14cm). They are blank inside so that you can write your own special greeting.

Mini Giveaway

Leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win a set of four greeting cards. The set contains two Flamboyant Heart’s and two Hearts on Strings cards. This set of four greeting cards were my test prints until I got the colours corrected. Rest assured they are still cute as ever! I’ll draw the winner on Monday night.

And if you really want to make a big statement with the one you love, don’t forget that I create Tickled Pink Hearts in miniature greeting card sets of eight as posted earlier. These little sets although tiny take me longer to produce than their larger cousins.

Each set of Valentine’s themed cards are listed in the Valentines 2010 Section of my shop along with some other items I feel would make beautiful gifts for Valentine’s Day to the ones you love. Order early as my supplies of each item is limited and then there is that shipping part to! I want them to arrive on time for gift giving.

I finished painting those Christmas balls!

I finally finished painting those balls I began earlier. Five are going as Christmas gifts to friends and family. I am keeping one for myself and I’m also doing a trade with the uber talented Shayla Maddox for one of her hand painted balls.

And I’m aware that the sound is not the greatest in this video. Blame it on the giant pimple! 😉

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope you’ll all enter the end of year art giveaway worth $165 of handmade by me goods!


Two new sets of miniature greeting cards

I am happy to introduce two new sets of miniature greeting cards featuring the magnolia blossom and the pussy willow blossom. The introduction of these two blossom themed sets brings the total number in the series available to collect and use to ten!

miniature greeting set of pussy willows by artist jessica doyle

Use them for gift tags, scrapbooking, dollhouse miniatures or anything else your heart fancy’s.

miniature greeting card set of magnolias by artist jessica doyle

Each was created using my original pussy willow and magnolia ink drawings. They are printed with HP Vivera inks on heavy matte paper. The envelopes and seals were hand punched, folded and glued together by own hand(s) shown in the first photo for size reference.

Each set includes:
•8 cards (2 of each blossom)
•8 white envelopes
•8 seals (colours may vary)

miniature greeting card set of packaging by artist jessica doyle

Greeting card size – 1 3/8″ x 7/8″ (35mm by 22mm)
Envelope size – 1 1/2″ x 1″ (38mm by 25mm)
Seals size – 5/16″ (8mm)

Each set is listed in the shop within the paper goods section. Do remember that holiday shipping deadlines are fast approaching especially for international orders that are traveling outside of Canada (which is where I live). I will be posting these deadlines soon. Order early if you want your order to arrive in time for the holidays. Thank you!

OLDisNEW Thursday – Antique Babbitt’s Cleanser Paper Coupons

These coupons were cut and saved by many people in the early 20th century including my Great Uncle George! There are various marks and cut edges surrounding each coupon from removing it from the original label.

Each coupon was cut from the paper wrapping surrounding a tin of Babbit’s Cleanser sometime in the early 1920’s. I came across a small stack of them recently hidden away inside a tin that I have since sold. There is both French and English text printed on the backside of the coupon. Use them in your art, your scrapbooking projects or to collect.

Each coupon measures 2 1/2 inches wide (7cm).

You can get your coupons on OLDisNEW.

4 NEW SETS of miniature greeting cards added to the line including one limited edition set

Beautiful Florals #3

Beautiful Florals no.3 - Miniature Greeting Cards by artist Jessica Doyle

Mushrooms (Pastel Edition)

Mushrooms (Pastel Edition) - Miniature Greeting Cards by artist Jessica Doyle

Mushrooms (Earth Edition)

Mushrooms (Earth Edition) - Miniature Greeting Cards by artist Jessica Doyle

Limited Edition Dark Hearts

Darkl Hearts - Miniature Greeting Cards by artist Jessica Doyle

The above Dark Hearts set is limited to an edition of three sets ONLY due to an odd printing error I experienced! I kept a set of four for myself and the other three sets of eight are available in the shop. MAN they are sweet!

Each Greeting card set includes:
•8 cards (2 of each flower card)
•8 white envelopes
•8 seals (colours may vary)

And the itsy bitsy sizes
Greeting card size – 1 3/8″ x 7/8″ (35mm by 22mm)
Envelope size – 1 1/2″ x 1″ (38mm by 25mm)
Seals size – 5/16″ (8mm)

With these additions this brings the total in the line of miniature greetings to nine. Each set is for sale in the shop

And for size reference and how they are packaged… look at these pics:



Knowledge no.1 & no.2 – Exploring the Traditional and Digital Mediums

Last year I was fortunate enough to acquire two printers. Since then, the task of scanning and digitizing my original artwork has consumed much of my waking hours. Each original needs to be scanned at a minimum of 300dpi. I scan at 800 to 1200dpi to achieve maximum quality. If you scan at a higher resolution you can also enlarge the final output of the piece without losing detail. But if you only scan at 300dpi you can’t enlarge it without losing quality. ‘Tis the way with raster based art.

close-up of Knowledge no.1 - original collage illustration by artist Jessica Doyle

Continuing from the last post

This brings me to the prints being produced using this new technology; new to me anyways. In the past I scanned in artwork and coloured that artwork in Adobe Photoshop or redrew it in Adobe Illustrator if it was perhaps a black ink drawing on white paper for producing a final print. Or, I scanned in the artwork and printed it so that it appeared identical to the original watercolour or acrylic painting.

close-up of Knowledge no.1 - original collage illustration by artist Jessica Doyle

I’ve got these stacks of prints you know. And I’d never actually done anything with them except print, trim, title, sign, date, number if it was a limited edition, package and ship off.

Knowledge no.2 - original collage illustration by artist Jessica Doyle

I do plan on producing Limited Edition hand embellished and coloured prints that are on watercolour paper using a few of the many black ink drawings I’ve rendered over the years.

But I’d never actually drawn on a print to make it an original illustration or collage. NEVER. These are the first two. There are more to come… I’ve been busy! Woot! :)

close-up of Knowledge no.2 - original collage illustration by artist Jessica Doyle

Knowledge no.1 and Knowledge no.2 explore both traditional and ancient ways of acquiring knowledge. Part of the process to create these two collages was to use two prints as the basis from the Mushrooms (Pastel Edition) series.

close-up of Knowledge no.2 - original collage illustration by artist Jessica Doyle


  1. Ledger paper for it’s numerical use in business. Numbers are a universal language.
  2. Moleskine insert paper for their illustrations of books and it’s universal acceptance from artists as a premium surface to draw upon.
  3. Yellow acid free Manilla paper for peace
  4. Grey acid and lignon free Canson paper for it’s superior cotton quality and calming effect
  5. Mushroom prints for their ancient pathway to gather and understand the world around us.
  6. Original Tree ink drawings for growth. These little drawings began as ACEO‘s. I cut them out 😉
  7. Micron Pens and Faber Castell Pitt Artists pens
  8. Archival glue for assembly
  9. And a few very sharp knives to cut it all out with.

Final Size of each collage is 8×8 inches / 20,3cm by 20,3cm.

Both original collages are available in the original art section of the shop.

If you notice a link within my blog or post that displays weird text in place of where an image/picture should be please let me know. During my move to a new host some of my image links were broken. Thanks so much. xoxo