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2012 Handmade Wall and Desk Calendars Are Here – The Creatures of Whimsy – Also available as a digital download to print your own

2012 wall calendar, handmade, jessica doyle, creatures, bird, science fiction art illustration

After much thought and deliberation of what illustrations to use in 2012 calendars I couldn’t help myself and used all the crazy creatures and fantasy themed illustrations that I’ve been creating over the last year.

printable, digital download, 2012 calendar, wall calendar, illustrations, fantasy art, science fiction, jessica doyle, handmadecloud

The wall calendar is 14 pages and includes a back and front cover. This calendar measures 4.25 by 11 inches (10.5cm by 27.5cm)

desk calendar, science fiction, 4x6, illustrative, dragon, monthly, handmade, printable, digital download, jessica doyle

The desk calendar measures 4 by 6 inches (10cm by 15cm) and is 12 pages with a neeto paper wrap-around that shows each calendar month on the back.

Each 2012 calendar features a different whimsical creature from The Land of Whimsy for each month including a collaborative piece with author, Christopher DeWan for the month of November. The popular Chasing the Dragon is also featured for the month of September with The Messenger of Whimsy leading you into January.

I print each calendar page using archival ink on cardstock. The wall calendar pages including a front and back cover are bound together with a sheer ribbon while the desk calendar is palced into a sturdy jewell case for display.

The wall calendar is available here.

The desk calendar is available here.

AND you can download either one in high resolution print ready pdf format from HandmadeCloud to print and assemble on your own, from the comfort of your home, as many times as you like!

Culmination – new illustration

Mushroom art entitled Culmination by Artist Jesisca Doyle

Peeled the tape off of this piece last night, let it sit and air out. Not that an illustration created with ink, watercolour and coloured pencil needs to air out and dry but it is a nice way to welcome it into the world. Or perhaps, I’ve lost it. Continue reading

The Hopper Eleven Swinging its Tail

A one legged creature with one foot and three toes swinging it’s tail circling into oblivion.

The Hopper Eleven Specimen Swinging its Tail - 10" by 10"

These one legged creatures with three toes are common amongst my art. Found on flowers, on eyes and hoppers, a creature of my own creation they tie “it” together for me as an artist. A signature style of sorts.

I began *drawing Hoppers in Early 2004. Their upper body is always round, full of spirals encircling to the core of their being. Each circle represents an idea, a thought that we as individuals each experience every day we are alive on earth. A Hopper is memory. A Hopper is life.

A Hopper is usually happy. Eleven is ecstatic as he is full of many many dreams.

Happy Hopping!

Size – 10 by 10 inches or 25.4cm by 25.4cm
Mediums used – Pilot G-tec C4 pen on acid free Fabriano Sketchbook paper.

*I am still recovering from my move to Much, let’s say 90% of my images are still missing from my blog. It’s going to take time to put it all back together again. You’ll notice past hoppers not even there… only the trail of words written.

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Another land another day another dream

Sometimes art needs to take you away
to another land where flowers spin,
the terrain is checkered moss green and ocher;
where the grass grows as bamboo
and is pointy at it’s tip.

I created this art card using Kroma artist quality acrylic, pigmented ink and archival pen on 1/8″ (3mm) thick cold press illustration board. It is varnished three times and has a lovely sheen about it.

Get your rulers out as the image above is much larger than the original. It’s all about the detail baby!

Available in both open edition 5×7 inch size and in a limited edition run of 100 ONLY in ACEO mini print size in the art shop.

Standard ACEO Size – 2.5″ by 3.5 inches or 6.4cm by 9cm
ACEO – Art Cards Editions and Originals
People collect ACEO’s worldwide just like they do with Magic or Hockey trading cards. They are wallet sized and frames are easy to find for them.

Rudolph the Alien Llama

Rudolph the Alien Llama

Rudolph Rudolph Rudolph
the alien reindeer Llama
had a lopsided eye
and one
three toed hoof

…and enjoyed wearing red neck ties to work.

He had a five headed alien sister…

…and red conjoined alien brothers.
Red Conjoined Aliens

All three were drawn using black and red Pilot Gtec C4 pens in a Moleskine Cahier.

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words – Ad Nauseam & Conlang

I don’t think I try to remember everything; just do in ways that perhaps other people do not? How do you remember?

words, single or three word phrases?
expressions, feelings….
perhaps visual or auditory stimuli ad nauseam?

I looked up ad nausium. It means:

to a distgusting or ridiculous degree.

I knew it meant a lot of, but didn’t know that ad nosium carried with it a sentiment containing both good and bad, black and white or other opposing extreme opposites of connotation.


Image from - Episode 0: National Awakening/Obliged With Virus - http://etercatharsis.wordpress.comThis word is slang. I couldn’t figure out what it was and did not ask in the comments. duh… After some searching I came up with:

An artificial or constructed language (known colloquially as a conlang among aficionados) is a language the phonology, grammar and/or vocabulary of which have been specifically devised by an individual or small group, rather than have naturally evolved as part of a culture the way natural languages do. Some are designed for use in human communication (usually to function as international auxiliary languages, such as the well-known Esperanto), but others are created for use in fiction, linguistic experimentation, secret (codes), or for the experience of doing so (artistic languages, language games). These languages are sometimes associated with constructed worlds.

Thanks for the new word Eternal Catharsis! Words have fascinated me from a very early age. I like his/her site – the images and post titles have simply drawn me into it. That seems to be the way for me when I come across a new blog. Right now I am in the looking and learning stage with his/her blog. And it is interesting!

Episode 0: National Awakening/Obliged With Virus

“I heard a rumour… It was said by millions of humans that Stygia is being slowly consumed by a wave-like black smog, sweeping from the east of Torchia to the main continent of Stygia itself. The black smog, however, is more like a shield protecting the continent and has affected nearby wildlife in some ways.” Both of the Entities representing information and the mass media were with me, Nemo Wissenundklugheit-Vries and Virgil Ondrej-Nirav Leben, standing at ease behind the chairs they were offered and letting the dataflow collected from humans inside their heads work out for them.

Go discover, look, learn, read & respond – have fun 😉

The internet court system where the verdict is decided by you

wiki01SM.jpgAny lawyers out their?

(please note that the following is not real. It is SCI-FI. It could contain some real names, places and things. The idea is just that; an idea. This is fiction.)

Does a current website *exist to provide court services to the public, issuing rulings as determined by the public for the public? What if our world adopted a court system that people, anyone with access to the intenet could decide whom is perhaps: guilty or not guilty simply through using technology as verification of who they are?

Pretty soon we will reach a state of existance where no one person or jury of persons in physical human form will cast votes as penalty. This would be ideal to those of us who work online as artists, designers, illustrators, videographers, podcasters, writers, phtotgraphers, programmers, bloggers, pay sites owners, search engine creators, ad creators, ad users, gamers and simply anyone who generates an income through the web regardless of actual physical time spent on the web.

The state of lawsuits existing around the world simply because of web content regardless of the infringment of use, said charged person(s) should be judged on the web not in physical form by people who could perhaps meander around the web regardless of how long there usage or length of time spent on the net is, but by anyone including everyone. Think of the millions spent in the physical world on trying cases because of online copyright infringment. Online is NOT offline. Copyright infringment on the web happens on the web, NOT in physical form on the outside.

So what if someone stole your idea or you are the one who stole it. Why would you or the other person(s) involved discuss it in a physical courtroom. Let the online community decide what happens online. You would NOT get banned EVER from using the internet again. During a decision time when the citizens of the world are deciding your verdict from the time submitted by one the parties involved and confirmation of said accustaion and acceptance by the defendant, will you only then be NOT permitted to use the intenet at all essentially banned through the worldwide identity verification system.

A thought cannot hurt anyone nor can it harm anything outside of it’s physical embodiement. The iternet can not hurt anyone. Would you rather take your chances in a court room located physically anywhere in the world and hence judged by potential people listening to the facts but who are not adept at knowing what happened on the net? It’s on the net poeple? think about it!
Continue reading