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Just a thought about being online

It’s not about the fame or fortune, it’s about the ability to share one’s perspective with you, not the whole world, but with you alone while you sit, lounge or lay around looking to be talked to, moved, entertained or even made to be impulsive.

What we do as individuals online is received by the senses of another individual who is online too.

The Implosion – I’m really a geek at heart

I don’t know the exact date that I drew this on but it was sometime during mid to late 2009 while sitting on the couch in the living room and likely it was late at night as it is right now when all is quiet with the moon shining and snow melting and everyone is asleep and there is no phone ringing and no cars whizzing by and all I hear is but Missy Two Shoes the cat snoring in her basket.

I love the night more than any other time. I naturally gravitate towards it regardless of what timezone I live in. My brain seems to turn on at 3AM when I’m able to process copious amounts of information and the ideas just seem to flow onto paper more freely. Continue reading

Guest Post by Susan L. Guran

January 29, 2009
Dear Jessica,

On a practical note . . . I was thrilled with how quickly, efficiently and graciously you handled our project together. Your skills and talents are impressively evident when looking at your work in all contexts. You seem to understand your medium(s) intimately and were willing to experiment and try different things, always responding kindly to my concerns and suggestions.


I greatly appreciated how dedicated you remained despite being ill and losing your dear cat McGandy in the midst of our process together–not to mention the fact that this was all happening during the holiday season! Everything was accomplished much sooner than I expected given the obstacles that appeared along the way.

Continue reading

The Ad was Stripped During the Last 48 Hours

    Sadly, the ad is not an ad.
    Sadly, I will not be able to showcase that rotating exhibit of other artists work from Gawker Artists in this blog’s sidebar.
    Sadly, the ad was displaying on my blog for a full two months!
    Sadly, someone must have reported me to when I finally announced my acceptance to Gawker artists two days ago.
    Sadly, responded back to me, “I suspect that it is being automatically stripped because we’re not keen on it – sorry about that!”
    Sadly, I will, respect rules.

…because I love blogging on

Jessica Doyle is on Gawker!

Once upon a time I applied to become a Gawker Artist(s). And was approved for both an online gallery of art and also for displaying their rotating exhibit which encompasses all Gawker Artists in this blog’s sidebar (see below left). I submitted both the Sassy Sea Urchin and Sunflowering Times for their approval.

Today it went live!


To quote Gawker,

Gawker Artists promotes the works of artists of all media. Participating artists receive free profile pages and a select group have their images published on Gawker Media titles. When you spot one of these images, click on it to read about the artist or browse our collection by artist name, medium or location.

Liz Dimmitt is the curator for Gawker Artists. Thank you Liz! :)

Artistic Productivity

What does productivity mean to you? For me it involves a tangible result from effort put forth to create an ending thus setting the stage for a new beginning.

At this moment many endings are in limbo. Decisions are hard to make as I want to do it all at once. I cycle through this feeling on occasion and understand that it will pass as decisions are made but in the meantime it is more than just a little annoying.

I currently house close to 40 or more art pieces in various stages of completion, add to that numerous websites that are craving attention from me; namely flickr and trunkt which have sorely been neglected but are all to important for my survival as an artist working online. Dawanda would be another. Transitioning from one level of productivity to the next means being organized, knowing when to say yes or no, delegating tasks and hiring out when needed.

I hired a bookkeeper. One major decision made. Speadsheets are alien to me. Give me creative software and within a few hours I’m rolling. But using and trying to learn Office or Microsoft related software and I implode! After weeks of messing with Google Spreadsheets, OpenOffice, NeoOffice and even two custom spreadsheet applications that I purchased from two different Etsy sellers I indeed said enough. My time is better spent in creation mode and not in adding numbers up and keeping track of what goes in and what goes out. I loathe bookkeeping and databases.

And on the advice of a friend I facebook again. He wrote saying “Jessica, it is as much a business tool as it is a personal and social tool.” I’m on there. Feel free to Facebook me!. The next endeavor on facebook is to integrate my Twitter to seamlessy update my thoughts from there rather than on facebook itself. Somehow, I have people following me already and I’ve never updated my Twitter since registering for it in late 2006.

When a new site launches always go and register your user name. Even if you don’t use it for a year or more it will be there waiting for you until you can incorporate it into your master plan.


I’ve Aquired a DOTcom

I am now the proud owner of

Go ahead and click it. It’s fun.
Click,Click, CLICK!

Back in 2004 I registered the domain name of http://jessicadoyle.CA thinking it sounded and read more eloquently than jessicadoyle.COM. It also told what country I resided in. To own a DOTca one must reside in Canada. So, I didn’t blink an eye at not registering the DOTcom.

A couple of years later, I realized I needed, no wanted the DOTcom because there are a lot of Jessica Doyle’s in the world. Wow. And many of us are artists practicing our craft using various mediums.

Let me tell you navigating is no easy task. And bidding and waiting in anticipation to see if you win the auction is enough to cause a major anxiety attack. For the first two days I was the only bidder. Then there were two. I held fast chewing my cheeks. That second bidder which perhaps was a ploy to get me to up my bid disappeared on the final day of the auction.

I won that auction back in February. Yes, I’ve owned the DOTcom for 3 months. It now redirects here to this blog along with the DOTca.

I discovered quite by accident that was heading for the chopping block back in December during some random Google searches. I thought about pre-registering with to try to get it during the drop then realized that was a money grab on their part (how dirty of them) and quickly turned my attention to the Whois info. I read everything I could and asked for advice from a few online friends and my research and diligence paid off.

I have future plans for the DOTcom. At the moment it will point here until I am able to proceed with those plans. I’m just happy to have finally figured out how to get the blasted sponsored insurance ads off of it and point it to here to it’s rightful home.


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