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The Four Seasons Tree Series is now Featured on a Polarity LOCKET SET

A little while back I announced that the Sassy Sea Urchin and George the Fish were available on a recycled locket set by Polarity. They are no longer available due to some exciting news which I can’t tell you about… yet.


To take their place I offered Polarity the rights to use the Four Seasons Tree Series to feature on a locket set with four interchangeable lids. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall…


The set is stunning and for sale in my shop now!


And if you are looking for the Four Seasons archival print sets (8×8 inch and 5×5 inch size) they can be found in the Print Sets Section of my shop.

Polarity also writes and authors a fantastic blog! Go and say hi to her!

Apple is nice and a sneak peek at new art

I phoned Apple computer on Thursday evening and told them my story. I remained calm and didn’t get angry as getting angry doesn’t do a damn thing. I asked if I could exchange the 24″ iMac for the new 27″ iMac. The supervisor on the phone agreed with me and waived their 14 day return policy and gave me a special code. I do need to pay a 10% restocking fee and also pay to ship the 24″ iMac back to Ontario but in the end I am getting the 27″, 3,06Ghz, 1 terabyte hard drive iMac in return. And special thanks to my good friend Ian for visiting on Thursday night and helping me make my decision.

And the quality of this video isn’t my normal quality as I’m on a bit of a timeline crunch to get this computer packaged up and shipped back to them so that I do indeed get my refund.

Also, I’m working on two new illustrations; a school of swimming fish and a seahorse.



And I’m looking for two new tenants as two of my current tenants are leaving due to their work contracts being finished. I’m also toying with the idea of getting an actual roommate, someone who works from home to, as I have another secret room which could be used as a second studio, which I’ll blog about later.

Dear Apple Computer

I purchased a new 24″ iMac 2.93Ghz, 600GB Hard Drive from you on September 4th, 2009 for $2,149.00 CAD plus an additional $199 CAD for extended insurance coverage. I love my new computer and have loved using apple computers since 1993, when I first used a Quadra in art college.

Here is where the love stops.

I see today that you announce a new-better-faster 27″ iMac 3.06Ghz 1 TERABYTE hard drive priced at $1799.00 CAD that includes a standard wireless keyboard and mouse.

I began crying this evening because this is the third time that I have purchased a new computer from you and this is the third time in 10 years that within 2 months of my purchase you release a new version at a cheaper price point with much more bling and I am not compensated for being ripped off.

The first time I bought a Graphite iMac DV Special Edition 13GB hard drive in the summer of 1999 which was quickly outdated with a new iMac.

The second time I bought a 15″ Titanium Powerbook 60 GB hard drive 1GHZ G4 OS10.3.9 that didn’t come pre-installed with an airport card which I had to buy in January of 2004. The version you released immediately after that had OS10.4, more power and had the airport card pre-installed.

And now you’ve gone and done it again by releasing a new iMac. Seriously Apple, I’m upset and not feeling the love right now. I could use that extra $350 to heat my home this winter and the extra screen space and power and extra hard drive space to create and store pretty illustrations and graphics on. To top it all off, I can’t even use my Firewire 400 external hard drive or my Adobe Creative Suite with my new iMac because it only accepts a Firewire 800 cord and CS1 is incompatible with Snow Leopard.

I’m not impressed, and wish I could stop the tears from flowing down my cheeks. You could have told me to wait another month and half before making my purchase. That would have been the honest thing to do.

Three time’s a charm eh?

Monday Art GIVEaway!

Comments are now closed. I will announce the winner tomorrow evening. Thanks all for entering.

It’s Monday and it’s time to give another piece of art away to you.

Last time I gave away 2 censored mintaures.

The Four Seasons

The rules are simple

Leave your name, blog address (if you have one), and email (which I will not share) and comment on this post once only please. Next Monday I will randomly draw one name from the comments and mail you The Four Seasons.

About the Four Seasons

This is one 8×8 inch (203mm by 203mm) print containing all Four Seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. It is printed with Vivera inks on heavy 170gm2 matte paper. It will last for generations to come. The originals were created using Faber Castell Pitt artist pens, Micron pens and Windsor and Newton Watercolor on Arches watercolor paper.

The Four Seasons is signed, dated and titled on the back in pencil and will arrive with a small certificate of authenticity. You can see a larger version of each season by clicking on their respective names.

What if I WIN? :)

On that note, if you win I will contact you by the secret email you left here. I will need you to email me back with your accurate physical mailing address that will never be shared. I will ship worldwide for free! I’ll announce the winner publicly next Monday.

… and What if I Don’t Win? :(

And if you don’t win the print, it is available for purchase in my Art shop. Each season is also available as an individual 8×8 inch print.

Thank you!

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I am suffering from Internet Explorer – itis

Who would have thaught that not having access to my Power Book could cause a good crying fit.

I sit at my mother’s computer and stare, get frustrated with using Internet Explorer and it’s damn freezing and it’s inability to cope with modern day browsing and usability or lack there of. *SCREAM!*

Oh, I have numerous stories to tell, weave and publish. I miss my mac and I miss firefox. In haste during the last day of packing I placed the power chord and adaptor to my Power Book in a box and my Power Book in the carry-on. In a box, that as of yet has not been shipped by that ex-boyfriend of mine. I’ve got the laptop but have no power and no money to purchase a replacement.

Maybe Apple would be kind enough to send me a MacBook? And Panasonic an adaptor/charger chord for the one missing from October 2006 for my camera/recorder. If Apple sent me a Macbook, Panasonic would be off the hook as I could work online again and earn some very much needed money through craft, design and blogging.

I shipped 19 boxes that last day in Vancouver. Ninety percent of my artwork and a little-bit-o-computer equipment still remain in Vancouver and didn’t get shipped as Canada Post was closing and I was dealing with (that is another story). I wish he would just ship it already (and if you have thank you)!!!

Blogging and Explorer are not friends. In fact they hate eachother. Explorer hates me and the feeling is mutual. I can’t save. I can barely comment. I can’t Blog. And PC – you can go fu** yourself.