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Betsy the Bird – Illustration

illustration artwork original by artist jessicadoyle yellow green circles flowers grass

After many weeks of working on her she is now completed. I had some issues with the original digital scans and chose to scrap them and rescan her which took some time. She turned out pretty cute as she blows bubbles to water and grow her garden of pink flowers. Continue reading

Monday HA ha – Worms Good Here?

Worms good here?

Usually have a piece of large paper or mat board that get used as a tester for color or to get my pen working during a moment of angst when it is not flowing, and even to draw upon when the drawing you are drawing sucks!

As is the case…

I began singing this song in my head after accidentally turning both a perfectly happy fish and birdie into sad and frustrated looking creatures by messing toooooo much with their eyes…

No one loves me
Everybody hates me
Going to the garden to eat worms
Big fat juicy ones
Small skinny slimy ones…

And we all know what happens when we mess with to much with EYEballs!


Chickens with ONE leg holding their eggs…

Chickens with one leg
holding their eggs
perched on their nests
they tweet.

I love drawing with children in mind. This miniature measures 3 by 3 inches or 75mm by 75mm. I drew it with india ink, painted it with watercolor and finished it with lightfast colored pencil on heavy hot press watercolor paper.

While in my final year of college in Fredericton I spent six month’s independently studying and creating children’s illustration. Was one of my favorite times. I actually made the dean’s list upon graduating in 1996 and pursued graphic design for the next 10 years only illustrating when it was part of the job and when I had precious time.

I’ve been digging out much of my research and rough sketches for inspiration since moving back to Saint John. This chicken children’s illustration is newly created and oddly enough, not derived from a past endeavor.

Where did these one legged chickens come from then?

I wonder if the little dude found them?

You can find them in my art shop.


A bird looking at fuzzy looking things


I have been drawing more lately using my favorite pen; the PILOT G-TEC-C4. Excellent for writing and/or drawing. The above spread was created over a few days this week. I tend to draw many things at once, going back over them again and again adding detail. I never use a pencil first, unless I am composing an image that will be painted in using watercolor. Just pen on paper. The journal I am currently working in contains about 60lb paper stock, is acid free, cold press and unbleached. I like cold-press paper because it gives a light texture to draw upon rather than the stark hot-press paper, which tends to be smoother and have a sheen to it.

I completed this drawing two nights ago down at my friend Soren’s home. He created music while I drew to it. He said:

It looks like a bird looking at fuzzy looking things…

Hence the title of the drawing. Below is a detail of Bird.