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You have to see the teeth to blow out the candles!

Saturday night I held a gathering and potluck at my house to celebrate my 36th Birthday with close friends and family. About 15 people came. Later that same night when five of us remained we began playing on the iMac using iSight to record ourselves. Ha!

Thanks everyone who came over to celebrate with me! xoxo

And thanks everyone for the wonderful gifts! I think every second person brought me a flowering plant to put in the sunroom. I had a wonderful time :)

PS – if you have pictures from that night please email them to me.

The Little List Life Update

  1. Seriously ill last week with Acute Sinus infection.
  2. Prescribed Amoxicillin; drilling pain behind right eye has ceased.
  3. Working on a NEW exciting product
  4. Product will be introduced into my shop next week… Stay Tuned
  5. Featured on the Women of Mystery Blog
  6. Went on first date with Mike
  7. Went out on second date with Robert
  8. Massive studio expansion underway! Before and After shots will be posted
  9. In desperate need of a work table to stand at for cutting, packaging and assembling
  10. It’s my 35th Birthday on November 8th

Happy Belated Blogiversary and the Much Anticipated Newly Written Comment Policy

This blog is just over two years old this month. March 5th marked her two year anniversary.

Happy Birthday!

Whhooooooooooohooooooo and the crowd goes wild!

Here is the link to the first post I published to this blog.

To celebrate I am writing her comment policy.

This is my blog. Respect my home. Be honest. Be genuine and above all stay on topic. Don’t drop un-solicited links in the comments of this blog unless they were indeed asked for within the post or add to the post in a natural progression kind of way.

Talk as much or as little as you want. Talk with the others who leave comments on this blog if you like.

I read all comments on this Blog. I will respond to most of them. There may be times when I don’t because life got in the way, some things are better left unsaid or I’m really pissed at you! haha.

A pic

I reserve the right to delete your comment if it is hateful, demeaning or inhuman and spammy. I will not edit your comment for grammar. Your comment belongs to you except I house it! Don’t be dumb. Use a spell check! Remember that whatever you write here shows up in public Google searches worldwide. Copyright infringement is your responsibility within your own comment. I will not be held accountable for any laws broken or illegal activity that takes place within your comment.

I do however reserve the right to use your comment in any way I want. You chose to leave your words here purposefully. I can use it as fodder. I can use it for inspiration. I can duplicate if for artistic purposes and you will receive credit only when credit is due.

I don’t only approve positive comments. We all get angry.

As I continue editing past posts for grammar and updating broken links that were lost in the move, I’ll also be taking a good look at the comments. I know there are some spammy ones that got through my filters and they will be deleted forever.

I will never share your personal email or IP address with anyone. Unless the police come knocking on my door one stormy night, tie me up, feed me truth serum forcing me to recite all my passwords in rhyme and take my computer or you are spam.

I will never spam you. I will mark you as spam if you continue to break the rules after fair warning has been given. If you are spam you could be shared with the world in a most inhuman way.

That sums it up friends. 99% of you already know and respect the above things. It is an unspoken Blogger code of conduct perhaps one learns after Blogging for a few months.

A good rule of thumb is this, if you wouldn’t say or do it in real life then why the hell would you do so online? Think about that.

This comment policy will be linked to from my about page. The photo was taken by a friend this past NYE.

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I turn 34 today and feel like laying around on green flowers just like this bug

©Jessica Doyle - 2007 - Pollinate with a bug - Detail

Pollinate With a Bug measures 2.5 by 3.5 inches.

©Jessica Doyle - 2007 - Pollinate with a bug


Pollinate with a Bug is the third ACEO I have created and pictured with a Canadian penny for size reference. It is signed, numbered (003) and dated on the back. The first miniature illustration, entitled 20000 Leaugues Under the Sea can be seen here and the second ACEO, Brown eyed Fossil, here.

This is an original NOT a print.

Pollinate With a Bug is painted with Windsor & Newton Watercolour and inked using both a green and black Sakura 005 Micron Pen on Heavy Cold Press Watercolour Stock. All materials used in this original are of the best artist quality.

I have more to say about it being my Birthday. Much more actually but must turn into bed and get up in 6.5 6 hours, go to work, then come home, eat and after that I’ll say what I gotta say. AND gosh darnit it’s good!

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Happy Birthday Stephen – poem or lyrics

Today is my Brother Stephen’s 31st Birthday. Happy Birthday Stephen! I love you little brother.

There was a time when I was bigger than you.
That time wained in our teens
when you sprouted those inches
and to this day, remain bigger than me.

You loved me unconditionally —– little brother—.
You stood up
for me when things got tuff
with my ex’s or —– outta hand.
You helped me during those rough times an’ in my teens and twenties.

And now today you are 31 little brother
and I your big sister couldn’t be more proud of you
for going after your dreams
and always living life to it’s fullest.

You made me both laugh and scream with your childhood antics,
yet through it all we remained friends and siblings, forever ecstatic!

You were fascinated with fire,
with wood and all things creepy crawly.
I remember joining you
roaming these woods
in search of bull frogs and grass snakes
baiting lines with minnows
and cooking mud cakes!

We raced your dinky cars down the stairs
through the front hallway
then kitchen,
onwards and downwards
they flew off
their shiny blue
and yellow lined track.

I remember the day I moved away
leaving for college
you drove me to the corner store
to pick up some smokes.
A song on the radio I loved
began to play.

We continued driving in silence
while the song played out,
even though I had said “oh lets go home”.
You replied “You love this song.”
and continued cruising
through the old neighborhood.

I wish I could have been nicer,
taking back all the yelling and sarcastic remarks.

Really though,
today little brother
you are as dear to me now as you were back then.

Love Jessica.
PS – Hope we get to play in the sand this summer, whether it be here in Wild West or there, Back East.

The help Jessica get out of debt birthday event – no purchase necessary

There are three of me at any given time. Photos taken last night just at the stroke of midnight using photobooth.

Today I am 33 years old. As the day progresses, I will list 33 things in this post. If there is something you want to know about me simply ask me in the comments. Don’t be shy! Seriously. 😉

  1. From Bridgett Walther, my favorite astrologer, the Scorpio forcast for November 8: You feel almost as if you’re back to square one this morning, and wonder if you’ve been spinning your wheels or if others haven’t been paying attention. Mercury remains retro in your sign. This is far from fatal but does have a way of forcing one to revisit one’s expectations, timing, etc. A financial matter continues to weigh very heavily on your mind, but can be satisfactorily resolved within the next couple weeks, so don’t panic. In the meantime, count on your most trusted experts and advisers for direction and advice.
  2. I watched the sunrise this morning. It was beautiful.
  3. Breakfast today was a marmelade and crunchy peanut butter spread on Oat & Nut with Honey Bread.
  4. Ugly Ad.Funniest google ad from Sitemeter. Image shown is just a screen capture.
  5. My favorite number is 3. I like odd numbers more than even ones.
  6. Until the end of this year, you could sponsor this site for UPDATE $25 $99 (I honestly had to adjust this price to reflect my/the times. In the coming year this price will take effect) a month through Performancing. Go and ask Dee how he likes it here 😉 And a big thank you to Dee for being my first sponsor!
  7. My two favorite porn sites. This may offend some people. Be warned these two sites are 18+ only, ask your mom or ask your dad before clicking through to XNXX or StileProject. Stile Project on the weekends offers some feature length film downloads in WMV format for FREE. muahahahahahhahaahaaa!
  8. The Mushroom's Rhyme - written and illustrated by Jessica DoyleI am overcoming a fear of selling my artwork for money. As odd as it may read, there lingers intrinsically built into me that… that just wants to share it. All of it. I am working in LuLu readying a pdf release of The Mushroom’s Rhyme. I want it out there. Fear BE GONE. poof! UPDATE – it is uploaded, however the cover is not appearing properly yet *scratches head*. UPDATE It works NOW!
  9. I’m re-considering having written #7, =^.^=
  10. I’m none too sure about my programming skills but I know enough to be formatting this list. My site does not validate. Nope. I do the best I can. :)
  11. Naps are good.
  12. I have been blogging since March 18, 2006.
  13. Two places I would like to live; Venice, Italy and Ireland.
  14. Two places I would like to visit; Japan and Brazil
  15. I have never owned a car. I have been licensed to drive a motor vehicle since age 17.
  16. I do not own a cell phone. Never have.
  17. I recently switched to using widgets in my sidebar.
  18. At the local clothing optional beach and The ball is under control have been uploaded to Flickr. The preview of the latter is visable further down in the sidebar on this site.
  19. This interview with David Moose of the Ontario Gallery of Art on the Gnostic World of Candy Minx is as fabulous as it was informative to read. The discussion afterwards in the comments I highly recommend reading also.
  20. This is the most comments I have ever had on one post. I want it to be my birthday everyday! Well no. Thanks to everyone who is stopping by.
  21. My pink eyed man just left to go buy some wine and ciders. I do have the occassional drink.
  22. …and yes I am still sober off of GHB since August of 2005. :)
  23. An emailed horoscope from my mom this evening. It reads a little different than number 1 of this list. What do you think?

    Born today, you are a highly creative individual, but you are prone to behavior and activities that may prove, at times, rather self-destructive. When you are engaged in such activities, you tend to be rather inattentive to your own safety or well-being, which can certainly aggravate the situation considerably. When you are on a roll, you can be counted on to be positive and productive; when you are not, you may well prove a disappointment to others as well as yourself. Your own determination, however, can keep you from staying down for long; you always recover.

    You have great longevity, and, when you choose to stick with something through thick and thin, you are a formidable adversary -and you can prove quite effective in the political arena. Of course, you are one of those rare individuals who will almost always speak true.

    This is a good day to take a chance — but you’ll want to calculate as best as you can every possible outcome. Err on the side of safety.

  24. Scrabble is my favorite board game.
  25. I cut my own hair.
  26. I wear my boyfriends yellow plastic raincoat that his mother baught for him while he was in boyscouts at age 12. It fits me mighty fine and is a much needed item of clothing when you live in Vancouver, BC during the winter.
  27. Blog I miss most.
  28. Birthday wish. Only, if you believe I deserve it.
  29. The Blogging Times just got a kick-ass new look! Woot!!! Minic it is looking wonderful!
  30. I’m always in my barefeet at home
  31. It began in Afrika
  32. I was 32 years old yesterday
  33. That’s it. I’m off to molest my crippled boyfriend who is laying on the couch.

Night all! Thanks for celebrating with me.

Someone, an un-named one emailed me the site PinkWorld as another Porn site to look at as an addition to number seven on this list. Honestly it was not as good as the other two. It could use some basic CSS styling. The dark yellow on pink is not legible enough. One bonus was this; it has very minimal unobtrusive ads.

And another someone thought I deserved it in number 28. Thanks.

Yes – we all have a bum

We sit on our derrieres
We shit from our derrieres

We, rather than go into a lengthy poo ballad, that only I could find funny because there are things out there people that only, each one, to herself will laugh out loud to. With the way my mind works it focuses from one to another thing as though it were outstretched spaghetti almost reaching the wall it supposedly was to land on as described once in an infomercial to me. These infomercials are just damned informative. It can fold this way. You can wash it this way and then dispose of it. Poof! It all disappears with the click of a button. A switch is more, an apt word, than button. We button clothing. We switch on and off or on again only to get sucked into a strobed illumination of one brothers creation in the family living room.

On. Off. On. Off. On. Off. On.

My brother always had a way of bugging me. I call it bugging because that may have been the word I most said next to Stephen or Mom or Dad. Then our dualling would begin. We would go underground not involving the parents in our war for supremacy over the house, inclusive but not exclusive to; the control of the TV remote control after supper, ice cream, fort building of all kinds including snow forts or pillow forts and lastly, control over the swings on the swing set nestled in the backyard.

Good times we had playing for hours in the snow piling it high only to dig it’s center out to create a snow fort. There was so much snow. So much.

Eric hurt his back at work yesterday. He’s home from work for a few days in the least. “A gable landed on me” he said. Took him to the doctor yesterday afternoon and his back is bruised with some muscle strain, slightly pink-purple with shades of blue appearing momentarily and this reads as though I’ve written a weather forecast about my boyfriend.

Moods are high with seldom whimpers while gusts of laughter roar up as he enjoys a showering of TV programming.

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’ll be 33.

Kick kick kick! soooo back to bums. I have been linked to from a place called Smart Ass Farm. A PaperBullet on flickr has added me to her contacts. She contributes on Mondays to FecalFace. Once I thought a flip meant fart in the comments, however discovered that a flip is a finger, the central one, and had nothing to do with farting after all.

Weeee fart from our derrieres.
We even report about our derrieres.. goings ons
. 😉

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My brother turns thirty today. He’s two and half years younger than I. I miss you Stephen.

I’ve been putting a box of ‘stuff’ together for him of toys that he used to play with as kid, I bought locally here in Vancouver – cap gun & caps, goo, slinky and marbles. Also found some incredibly hot sauces for when he BBQ’s at his new home. LOL. He loves hot sauce so let his tongue burn with every bite! Also threw in some drawings of mine, dishtowels, alphabet & number magnets, photo albums and floating candles with holder.

These are the two hot sauces I bought from the Gourmet Warehouse. May he have lots of burnin’ fun and a great B-day, although this gift will not get to him for another 10 days or so through Canada Post. He doesn’t have a Computer so he won’t see this but my mother will 😉

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