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Condom child

I sat in the doctors office on Friday afternoon, coming to terms with the fact that the Plan B pills had expired eight months earlier and that I needed a new prescription. The condom from the night before broke. How the hell does a condom break? We were smart, we talked openly discussing possible emergency contraception options. We were adults about it. The condom broke. We were both clean (that is no STD’s). We had talked about that before. We only needed to protect against pregnancy.

Four months earlier I would not have even considered taking the morning after pill. My doctor had prescribed it for me. I was angry when she prescribed it three years ago. I was no slut. I was in relationship with my ex. I was an addict. She knew this. This past week is chomping away at my belief system in how I came to believe the things I believe; believed.

I do not want a child right now.