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Artist Tip #17 – Did you mix enough of that color?

Did you mix enough of that color?

As the years progress I’ve learned only one thing when mixing custom colour in any medium regardless of project size and that is this, to always mix more paint than you think you will need. ALWAYS!

Last Week’s Tip – Why on earth did you buy that?

Next Week’s Tip – Are you feeling it?

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Triplets Floral – miniature painting

014 - Triplets Floral

Size – The Standard *ACEO size of 3.5 by 2.5 inches. It is probably appearing larger on your monitor. Get out your ruler!

Materials – Black, Red and Green Micron (005) pen, Windsor & Newton Watercolor

I drew this on Hand pressed, handmade paper stock that I purchased many many years ago in New York City while attending a fabric surface design trade show in 1995. It is a textured rigid khaki green card stock and is about 1/16″ thick. It was really great to create upon. This card sold yesterday from my Etsy Shop.

*ACEO – Artist Cards Editions and Originals. An ACEO is the same size as a Baseball, Hockey or Magic Trading card.

The colour of health and how I forgot to publish this yesterday.

Ever feel the fog lifting? Have you ever witnessed the fog lift in the evening just as the sun is setting? The colours are most awesome; the oranges, scarlets and violets.

A friend said to me today “The fog has lifted for you eh? And yes, I suppose it has.”

This past Thursday I got a clean bill of physical health from my doctor. This is the first time that that has been so in more than a decade. I finished the Paxil taper on the following day, Friday. A little over a week has passed since.

The side effects of tapering have diminished significantly. I have an appointment with a Mental Health Professional this coming Tuesday to take care of any loose ends and brain blips. Other than that I’m all good. It’s all good. Good. Great.

My weight is stable. I’ve lost 26 pounds over this past year. I wear a size 6 to 8 comfortably at 5 foot 5. If I put on 5 pounds I’m considered overweight by the standard BMI charts and that fact is ridiculous.