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The You Guys are Great List!

Just a small note of thanks to all of you! I read each and every one of your comments on this blog. If there is one thing I’ve learned during life it is this; to not to hide your sadness, anger or frustrations. And that those feelings are as valid as happiness, love and acceptance.

So, here’s to you today!

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Mark Dykeman from Broadcasting Brain
LynnDel from Mrs. Noodles
Julia from One Woman Studio
Karen Faulkner from Karen Faulkner Art
Nina from The Canvas Dog
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Dinah from DraginFly Enchantment

I traveled back in time one month to find you all here on this blog!
Thank you for the wonderful conversation!

Happy Belated Blogiversary and the Much Anticipated Newly Written Comment Policy

This blog is just over two years old this month. March 5th marked her two year anniversary.

Happy Birthday!

Whhooooooooooohooooooo and the crowd goes wild!

Here is the link to the first post I published to this blog.

To celebrate I am writing her comment policy.

This is my blog. Respect my home. Be honest. Be genuine and above all stay on topic. Don’t drop un-solicited links in the comments of this blog unless they were indeed asked for within the post or add to the post in a natural progression kind of way.

Talk as much or as little as you want. Talk with the others who leave comments on this blog if you like.

I read all comments on this Blog. I will respond to most of them. There may be times when I don’t because life got in the way, some things are better left unsaid or I’m really pissed at you! haha.

A pic

I reserve the right to delete your comment if it is hateful, demeaning or inhuman and spammy. I will not edit your comment for grammar. Your comment belongs to you except I house it! Don’t be dumb. Use a spell check! Remember that whatever you write here shows up in public Google searches worldwide. Copyright infringement is your responsibility within your own comment. I will not be held accountable for any laws broken or illegal activity that takes place within your comment.

I do however reserve the right to use your comment in any way I want. You chose to leave your words here purposefully. I can use it as fodder. I can use it for inspiration. I can duplicate if for artistic purposes and you will receive credit only when credit is due.

I don’t only approve positive comments. We all get angry.

As I continue editing past posts for grammar and updating broken links that were lost in the move, I’ll also be taking a good look at the comments. I know there are some spammy ones that got through my filters and they will be deleted forever.

I will never share your personal email or IP address with anyone. Unless the police come knocking on my door one stormy night, tie me up, feed me truth serum forcing me to recite all my passwords in rhyme and take my computer or you are spam.

I will never spam you. I will mark you as spam if you continue to break the rules after fair warning has been given. If you are spam you could be shared with the world in a most inhuman way.

That sums it up friends. 99% of you already know and respect the above things. It is an unspoken Blogger code of conduct perhaps one learns after Blogging for a few months.

A good rule of thumb is this, if you wouldn’t say or do it in real life then why the hell would you do so online? Think about that.

This comment policy will be linked to from my about page. The photo was taken by a friend this past NYE.

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SpamArt 001 – WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE – is it stealing

I originally posted this Photoshop rendering on the Blog Herald. In the comments some copyright issues were discussed. Micheal Clark from PlanetMike wrote in:

Hopefully your sites privacy policy covers the fact that spam comments and information related to that spam comment may be publicly shared, or distributed IANAL (I am not a lawyer)

I quite honestly do not equate or give equal rights to spammers as actual commenter’s here on my blog. The image on the right took 8 screen captures to build the full length of this particular offense. Spam is not acceptable in my eyes.

spamArt Awakenings

A warning to all you spammers – You spam my blog, I’m gonna steal it!

I would urge other artists to steal it also. This could become an all out creative SpamArt war! :)


…and what do spammers actually get from Spamming – ooowooooho lets go spamming

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Lost in Commentation

I have been travelling around the world leaving comments all across the landscape except no one will be able to find me from where ever I have been. Doh! In the space where one is to write their address if they like; I have been filling in with http://jssicadoyle.ca rather than http://j[e]ssicadoyle.ca.

If only there was a spell check for web address’. And when one has set your forms to automatic fill in firefox… well that just exasperates the problem – 😉

Please respond to the following questions?

As human beings do we change over time? Do our inner most souls evolve into something newer sleeker or for that matter slowly rot away into nothingness? Well, I hope not into nothingness yet one never knows what could happen and there is no sense worrying about because there are people in this world who worry enough for the whole world yet are powerless to change it because, it is worry and worry just does not fix a God Damn thing.

Jessica - looking up.So I have some questions. These questions I will ask to everyone who reads my site. Everyone is welcome to answer but only through leaving a comment online. Please don’t send me an email. This site in NOT private. I have nothing to hide. All I want is some help in gaining an understanding of who I am – both the good and the bad. I feel like my life is cycling right now. I don’t want to pedal anymore. I’m asking you all for help please? You can post your comment anonymously if you like and copy and paste the following questions into the comment box. Your comment will come into moderation and I’ll put it live.

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Artists Riddle

Having recently begun uploading images to Terminus1525 after a one year hiatus from the site, I realized over the past few days that I crave interaction of the virtual kind. Any artist I believe wants attention to their work… deep down inside I you know you do; even just to see your number of views on a certain piece or stats on your webpage go up.

Last week I asked a question in a forum. I recieved an answer. The solution worked. I smiled. I replied thank you. This week I commented on various artists works. I was scared. I did it because I wanted to. I needed to. I know how it feels to recieve a compliment, insight or criticism on a piece of artwork, poem or article. The only thing I feared was fear itself. I was honest in my postings and when commenting or asking. Through honesty one achieves insight and truth.

In the past though, I would slug off comments whether good or bad. I didn’t quite know how to digest them or further more actually respond to them. Fear of the unkown persisted within my being for quite some time. I coped the best I could, alone. I drew. I painted. I pulled my hair out. I scratched at my skin. I wrote. I talked too much or not at all.

Sitting here sober (231 days) writing this, clear in mind, is a foreign concept to me. Grasping it, holding onto it tightly, I would in the past so much so that I became addicted to the feeling of calm. Anything and everything existed spiraling around in my mind. Ideas came and went. If, by chance I happened to grab one I choked it out the best I could. What a riddle my mind had become.

Could it be the meds? Could it be I’m growing up? Could it be acceptance that there are many possible solutions to an idea? It could be the web is a place where I exist amongst a million others. It does not replace physical human interaction. It offers another form of virtual interaction. There is an immediacy to the web.

The web has opened a unique portal in the human landscape. Through the sharing of ideas, though different or similar, the human race will endure this new riddle.