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The Shower Scene – A Gallery Story

I want to say upfront that this is just one story from my life, and not a commentary on the gallery system as a whole. My personal experience with “traditional” galleries has ranged from lackluster to unethical (and possibly illegal, but I’ll get to that in a second.) I do not believe they’re all like that. I’m very open-minded about galleries. I’ve simply had great success and enjoyment representing myself, and doing so is not a reaction to anything negative as much as it is a belief in doing something positive.

But anyway.

When I was starting out professionally, I heard from a number of people within the local art scene that I was ready for my own show. So I went out and got one. The gallery I’d found was up and coming, an offshoot of a more successful gallery nearby. The owner (we’ll call him Shawn) was an artist himself, and sold a great deal of work, all at higher end prices, with a pretty significant and growing following in the area. He liked my work, and immediately offered me a show. After securing a date, I heard from fellow artists that although his art “was a bit formulaic,” he seemed to be a fantastic businessman. The openings I attended in the months leading up to my show were lively events.

When I arrived at the gallery the morning of my own show to set up, I could sense a weird and unexpected attitude from Shawn. He was cold and unhelpful. He abruptly announced that I couldn’t use blacklights, a fairly integral part of my art, despite seeming enthusiastic about them a few weeks prior. He further informed me that I wouldn’t have access to half the space I was promised, because another artist was using it. When I firmly explained the necessity of the blacklights, he finally told me I could use a small room through a hall and in the back for this purpose.

I was determined to keep a good attitude about things. Continue reading

You are invited…

…to my home.

For a Merry Christmas open studio & art sale
Friday, December 4, 2009 – 7:00PM to 9:00PM
Saturday, December 5, 2009 – 11:00AM to 4:00PM

Hope you can make it even just to say hi to Milton the Fish!

Original artwork & illustrations, matted prints, framed art, open and limited edition prints, miniature prints, 2010 Art calendars, regular and miniature greeting card sets and handpainted art boxes will be on hand.

Oh and ho ho ho!
My address is 40 Park Avenue
Saint John, NB

There is plenty of free off street parking or if you are taking the bus my house sits directly on the East/West bus routes.

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Merry Merry!

The Ad was Stripped During the Last 48 Hours

    Sadly, the ad is not an ad.
    Sadly, I will not be able to showcase that rotating exhibit of other artists work from Gawker Artists in this blog’s sidebar.
    Sadly, the ad was displaying on my blog for a full two months!
    Sadly, someone must have reported me to WordPress.com when I finally announced my acceptance to Gawker artists two days ago.
    Sadly, WordPress.com responded back to me, “I suspect that it is being automatically stripped because we’re not keen on it – sorry about that!”
    Sadly, I will, respect WordPress.com rules.

…because I love blogging on WordPress.com.

Jessica Doyle is on Gawker!

Once upon a time I applied to become a Gawker Artist(s). And was approved for both an online gallery of art and also for displaying their rotating exhibit which encompasses all Gawker Artists in this blog’s sidebar (see below left). I submitted both the Sassy Sea Urchin and Sunflowering Times for their approval.

Today it went live!


To quote Gawker,

Gawker Artists promotes the works of artists of all media. Participating artists receive free profile pages and a select group have their images published on Gawker Media titles. When you spot one of these images, click on it to read about the artist or browse our collection by artist name, medium or location.

Liz Dimmitt is the curator for Gawker Artists. Thank you Liz! :)

In the Beginnings of Busyness and Exhibits

Pivot Gallery and Boutique Selection

When it rains it storms so they say. It seems all at once I had run out of packaging cardboard and perhaps that is why my sales slowed this week. I believe you emit those things via energy fields to the world. I am now prepared again. Bring it on Baby! I salvage excess clean cardboard from local businesses and cut it down to the four standard sizes I need for packaging orders.

Cardboard Cutting

I filled two large orders this week, one of which is 24 originals for matting, framing and exhibit at the Klausen Gallery which will be for sale during the City’s next Gallery Hop on August 8th, 2008. The Klausen Gallery is located at 106 Prince William Street in Uptown Saint John, New Brunswick. I had attended the last gallery hop and not in my wildest dreams did I think my art would be included in next hop.

Jorgen Klausen is the owner and he is one brilliant photographer.

I was also contacted by OrangeWillow about sending reproductions on consignment down to the Pivot Gallery and Boutique in Kentucky that she owns and operates. You can follow the developing story here on her blog. I shipped 18 reproductions out on Wednesday to her.

Klausen Gallery Art 02

This is exciting for me. The first two, of hopefully many more gallery contacts.

I may have been creating art since the age of four however it’s only in the last few years that I’ve begun to be recognized for it. I am a beginner at best when it comes to galleries and selling my art. I am learning and doing the best I can as a I go.

Klausen Gallery Art 01

Image Credits
• 1. Print selection sent to Pivot
• 2. Cutting cardboard on my deck
• 3. Miniatures originals with certificates to the Klausen Gallery.
• 4. Four larger originals with certificates to Klausen.

The hopping aftermath

I ate. I walked. I talked. I looked. I was inspired.

The green chair

Saint John Arts Centre

Me on Germain Street

More reecycles

An antique lamp

There were perhaps a thousand people who partook the hop. I found myself enjoying the walk and talk of all things art with my friend Brian as much as being inside the overcrowded galleries. It was a challenge people to stand back from afar and view artwork hung on walls or that stood freestanding centrally within.

You can view all the pics from Friday night here.

Much of the shots are not of art but of buildings as truthfully there wasn’t any room to take pics inside the galleries. I love the architecture of this city anyways. I can’t wait to own my own home uptown.

I dream… and dreams do come true one step at a time.

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Gallery HOP tomorrow night!

Every season Saint John, New Brunswick has a gallery hop where you get to mingle with the artists and the public alike. I attended one here about 6 years ago before I left and moved West. I can’t wait ’til tomorrow night. Thanks Brian for the info and invite to go:). Supper and art… what can be better than that!

Here is the line up of galleries participating in the hop. Hope to see YOU there.


    4 pm-6 pm
    Millennium Artplace, Saint John Free Public Library, One Market Square.
    (506) 643-7220.
    4 pm-8 pm
    •New Brunswick Museum, One Market Square. (506) 643-2300.
    5 pm-8 pm
    •Citadel Gallery, 162 Charlotte Street. (506) 642-9004.
    5:30-7:30 pm
    •Klausen Gallery, New Location! 106 Prince William Street. (506) 693-9976.
    •Trinity Galleries, 128 Germain Street. (506) 634-1611.
    6 pm-8 pm
    •City of Saint John Gallery, 20 Hazen Avenue. (506) 649-6040.
    •Saint John Arts Centre, 20 Hazen Avenue. (506) 633-4870.
    7 pm-11 pm
    •Handworks Gallery, 12 King Street. (506) 652-9787.
    •Peter Buckland Gallery, 80 prince William Street. (506) 693-9721.
    •Tim Isaac Art and Antiques, 97 Prince William Street. (506) 652-3222.
    •Third Space Gallery, 42 Princess Street. (506) 693-5839

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Image gallery dilema

Given the vast choice of image gallery software available for WordPress to choose from, it must be said that thay are not all created equal. I had orginally installed the Lazyest Gallery plugin for [tag]Wordpress[/tag] but it had been lacking an upload function inline so I uninstalled it. The next image gallery I had installed for me for barter of services was Gallery2 software. [tag]Gallery2[/tag] intstalled with the WPG2 plugin for WordPress is quite advanced as far as image galleries go. This advancedness is the reason I originally had not installed it.

I have spent the last week attempting to do three simple things; upload a picture, create an album and choose a theme to match my site. These are basic functions as far as image galleries go. Not being able to do these three steps or find any answers in the documentation to my problems has left me tired and anxious.

My good friend Darren installed it for me and to his credit he did a great job. I’m grateful for his efforts. The simple fact remains though; a week has passed and I have not been able to peel the skin of this fruit. I can’t plant any seeds through no fault of anyone else. I have deactivated the plugin for now, commented out some code and left the software install as is.

Over the next couple of days I will attempt the installation of Zenphoto software. There exists now a plugin for WordPress called Zenpress and it’s development has picked up speed over the past week. [tag]Zenphoto[/tag] looks to be simple and elegant. It also has a theme designed by the man who designed the current theme for my website, fauna. How much more could I ask for than that?