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Happy Halloween! Power Puff Girl Style

This year I’ll be working during the day and later handing out candy to kids in the neighborhood. We expect 200-300 trick or treaters to come knocking on the door this year.

The pics below are from a party I attended, at the Waldorf Hotel in Vancouver, in 2005. We created our own patterns and sewed the dresses up a few days before the event. We jaunted down to Chinatown, frantically searching for china flats which we found and purchased. We later found decent wigs from a crazy shop (I can’t remember the name…?) on Main St.

Power Puff Girls 2
From left to right – Me (Jessica), Michael, Leah, unknown guy #1 and guy #2

Power Puff Girls 1
From left to right – Leah, Lala, Junko and me (Jessica)

…and from last year, and more scary…

Have a great, fun and safe Halloween everyone!

•Photo credits – Darren Lee
•Mini opening photo credit – me

Have you ever STOPPED

…just stopped. Began entering someone elses world. Really in fact though just another variety of your world. Branded, alternatively named. It’s just the name you know given by man to ideas, places and things. Until something is given a name do we not communicate with other human beings; anything – that, is unamed. So now you are stopped. Having no communcation. You can not even fathom a reason to contiue on and BOOM. It’s all gone.