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Happy Birthday to Me or On this day I became the 3,996,794,592nd person to be born on Earth

jessica doyle holding handmade 2012 desk calendars featuring the artworks of Creautires of Whimsy

Lately it’s been difficult to hit that Publish button within the dashboard of this blog… as I’m questioning what to share and what not to share… what to say and what not to say… who to talk to and trust and who not to talk to and most of all questioning what it all means.

The bigger you get the harder you fall is hitting REALLY hard lately as my life becomes more and more public. It hits home instantly when you walk outside and while waiting for the bus or are having a sip of wine with a friend or are grocery shopping and are stopped or pointed at and someone says I know you from somewhere and then they ask your name and it registers with them that you are a blogger or worse if it’s a man they recognize you from a dating site (which is somewhat creepy) especially when said man who recognizes you is someone you don’t want to be in touch with in the first place.

I attended a large arts and crafts show this past weekend at Brunswick Square in Saint John from November 3rd to 5th (an didn’t even share it here on the blog due to being overwhelmed with prepration) selling my art and paper goods. It was an amazing show. I talked to many wonderful people during those three days and many of those same people recognized my art immediately from Etsy or Facebook or Twitter or from here on my blog. That in itself, is, very humbling. Continue reading

Remember Evolution? Customer Appreciation Photo

Customer appreication photo - Emily holding original illustration by artist Jessica Doyle

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Alex who lives in the United Kingdom. He was asking if I could ship my artwork Priority Post to the UK so that it would arrive in time for his niece’s 16th Birthday. I wrote back saying yes and with an estimate on the shipping and handling charges and asked which piece he would like the additional shipping charge added to in the shop.

mandala illustration - fruit slice art by artist jessica doyle

I was delighted when he wrote back saying Evolution. What is nice about this particular illustration is that it is one of the few pieces that I documented during the process of creating it. I sent along the link to the step by step guide blog post so that his niece could learn how to create Evolution as an assignment in school.

step by step illustration - how to draw a mandala

This was a great surprise to me. Thank you Alex and Emily for permission to use your photograph and to share your story here on the blog. I’m still smiling. Hope you are both well. And Emily, good luck with your art studies! :)

Today is my Birthday

Is 35 middle age?

Many of the women in my family live well into their nineties. I will not be middle aged until I turn 45. How grand is that; I have another 10 years before the infamous mid-life crisis!


Until then, I will continue living, creating and enjoying life all the while smiling wearing these sunglasses at night that I found on the ground this past Hallowe’en.



And just a note and BIG thank you to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday via Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and email! Etsy and Facebook go so far as to program a Happy Birthday message into your dashboard in celebration of your special day!



34th Birthday Post
33rd Birthday Post

Photocredits – PicsByIan

JessicaDoyle.ca is one year old today – Hooray

Happy Birthday Blog!
The following is a re-print of the very first post published to this blog one year ago today on 05/03/2006.

Personal vs Professional vs Private vs Public vs Plethora?

This question has been asked me by others and I have considered it myself over the past few years, namely during the past few weeks upon the decision of the five “W”’s of www.jessicadoyle.ca. These are the five “P”’s I have been considering. This has occupied my mind in abundance!

Appropriately, I thought best to answer it in my first post as I enter into unknown territory. This website will be a Plethora – a superabundance of all the “P”s as defined on www.dictionary.com. This plethora will not have walls, nor will it have secrets. It will progress naturally. Having different websites, one personal, one professional, one private and one public just overloads the internet with too much. And, mine own organic system of understanding and organizing what one person could like and what another person could not like is censoring myself creatively. Truth be told to do this could cause staleness or rather numbness; a state of feeling nothing.

It is impossible for one to know what another is thinking or feeling. Only is it possible to accept that everyone will have there own opinion, including me. There will be similarities in these opinions, thoughts and emotions. However, not everyone cries when they are sad, not everyone laughs when they are happy and not everyone gets angry when they are hurt.

On my business card there are two words on the reverse side which also appear at the top of this site; emotion creator. I create emotion. You create emotion. You touch it, see it, taste it, hear it, smell it and CAN think about it. Think about it?


The help Jessica get out of debt birthday event – no purchase necessary

There are three of me at any given time. Photos taken last night just at the stroke of midnight using photobooth.

Today I am 33 years old. As the day progresses, I will list 33 things in this post. If there is something you want to know about me simply ask me in the comments. Don’t be shy! Seriously. 😉

  1. From Bridgett Walther, my favorite astrologer, the Scorpio forcast for November 8: You feel almost as if you’re back to square one this morning, and wonder if you’ve been spinning your wheels or if others haven’t been paying attention. Mercury remains retro in your sign. This is far from fatal but does have a way of forcing one to revisit one’s expectations, timing, etc. A financial matter continues to weigh very heavily on your mind, but can be satisfactorily resolved within the next couple weeks, so don’t panic. In the meantime, count on your most trusted experts and advisers for direction and advice.
  2. I watched the sunrise this morning. It was beautiful.
  3. Breakfast today was a marmelade and crunchy peanut butter spread on Oat & Nut with Honey Bread.
  4. Ugly Ad.Funniest google ad from Sitemeter. Image shown is just a screen capture.
  5. My favorite number is 3. I like odd numbers more than even ones.
  6. Until the end of this year, you could sponsor this site for UPDATE $25 $99 (I honestly had to adjust this price to reflect my/the times. In the coming year this price will take effect) a month through Performancing. Go and ask Dee how he likes it here 😉 And a big thank you to Dee for being my first sponsor!
  7. My two favorite porn sites. This may offend some people. Be warned these two sites are 18+ only, ask your mom or ask your dad before clicking through to XNXX or StileProject. Stile Project on the weekends offers some feature length film downloads in WMV format for FREE. muahahahahahhahaahaaa!
  8. The Mushroom's Rhyme - written and illustrated by Jessica DoyleI am overcoming a fear of selling my artwork for money. As odd as it may read, there lingers intrinsically built into me that… that just wants to share it. All of it. I am working in LuLu readying a pdf release of The Mushroom’s Rhyme. I want it out there. Fear BE GONE. poof! UPDATE – it is uploaded, however the cover is not appearing properly yet *scratches head*. UPDATE It works NOW!
  9. I’m re-considering having written #7, =^.^=
  10. I’m none too sure about my programming skills but I know enough to be formatting this list. My site does not validate. Nope. I do the best I can. :)
  11. Naps are good.
  12. I have been blogging since March 18, 2006.
  13. Two places I would like to live; Venice, Italy and Ireland.
  14. Two places I would like to visit; Japan and Brazil
  15. I have never owned a car. I have been licensed to drive a motor vehicle since age 17.
  16. I do not own a cell phone. Never have.
  17. I recently switched to using widgets in my sidebar.
  18. At the local clothing optional beach and The ball is under control have been uploaded to Flickr. The preview of the latter is visable further down in the sidebar on this site.
  19. This interview with David Moose of the Ontario Gallery of Art on the Gnostic World of Candy Minx is as fabulous as it was informative to read. The discussion afterwards in the comments I highly recommend reading also.
  20. This is the most comments I have ever had on one post. I want it to be my birthday everyday! Well no. Thanks to everyone who is stopping by.
  21. My pink eyed man just left to go buy some wine and ciders. I do have the occassional drink.
  22. …and yes I am still sober off of GHB since August of 2005. :)
  23. An emailed horoscope from my mom this evening. It reads a little different than number 1 of this list. What do you think?

    Born today, you are a highly creative individual, but you are prone to behavior and activities that may prove, at times, rather self-destructive. When you are engaged in such activities, you tend to be rather inattentive to your own safety or well-being, which can certainly aggravate the situation considerably. When you are on a roll, you can be counted on to be positive and productive; when you are not, you may well prove a disappointment to others as well as yourself. Your own determination, however, can keep you from staying down for long; you always recover.

    You have great longevity, and, when you choose to stick with something through thick and thin, you are a formidable adversary -and you can prove quite effective in the political arena. Of course, you are one of those rare individuals who will almost always speak true.

    This is a good day to take a chance — but you’ll want to calculate as best as you can every possible outcome. Err on the side of safety.

  24. Scrabble is my favorite board game.
  25. I cut my own hair.
  26. I wear my boyfriends yellow plastic raincoat that his mother baught for him while he was in boyscouts at age 12. It fits me mighty fine and is a much needed item of clothing when you live in Vancouver, BC during the winter.
  27. Blog I miss most.
  28. Birthday wish. Only, if you believe I deserve it.
  29. The Blogging Times just got a kick-ass new look! Woot!!! Minic it is looking wonderful!
  30. I’m always in my barefeet at home
  31. It began in Afrika
  32. I was 32 years old yesterday
  33. That’s it. I’m off to molest my crippled boyfriend who is laying on the couch.

Night all! Thanks for celebrating with me.

Someone, an un-named one emailed me the site PinkWorld as another Porn site to look at as an addition to number seven on this list. Honestly it was not as good as the other two. It could use some basic CSS styling. The dark yellow on pink is not legible enough. One bonus was this; it has very minimal unobtrusive ads.

And another someone thought I deserved it in number 28. Thanks.