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Video Interview with Elastic Lab – Working the 9 to 5 job was killing me

Last Fall, I was contacted by videographer Frank Sheppard of Elastic Lab to do an interview for their Culture of Content Creation Series. The interview is live now! Go watch it! or watch it below.

Working the 9 to 5 job was killing me from Elastic Lab on Vimeo.

From the site:

In today’s world of social media, digital voices rant and rave, ruminate on their experiences, give life to the world’s causes, bring fame to the worthy, bring shame to the unworthy, denounce dishonesty and evil, and preach a million variations on truth. But while the voices are loud, the social media movement is, for the most part, a faceless movement. Conversations, discussions, relationships, business partnerships, and friendships exist where face-to-face encounters do not. Such is the nature of the Internet, and why this project, The Culture of Content Creation, was launched.

My segment is entitled Working the 9 to 5 job was killing me. I talk about how I how and why I began blogging and how it lead me to what I do today.

I’m honored to be a part of this project. Hope you all enjoy the interview.

And thank you Frank for contacting me to do this!

UPDATE – Thank you to Julie Morey who pointed out in the comments that I could embed this video into my blog from Vimeo! 😀 And to see pictures of my studio please visit this blog post.

ThinkBakery Blog Talking Shop Interview

I was asked recently by the ThinkBakery blog to do an interview. It’s live now!

And to quote the opening of the interview:

I have had the pleasure of lots of email correspondence with successful self-employed artist Jessica Doyle. I posted about her on Design Milk, and she went above and beyond my “Do” list. She is so sweet and articulate, and her honesty is refreshing. Check out her story:

Hope you’ll check it out!

The INCrowd Interview

Carolyn of nilochliann on Etsy who is a very active member of Indiana’s Etsy Street Team contacted me in July for their international interview series posted monthly to their blog.

The interview is live. Go and read it!

Thanks Carolyn for the opportunity to share my words with you.


The Buzz Interview

The Queen Bee aka Tameka contacted me in July for an interview to be published later to her blog. To quote her,

She is one of a few Etsy artists’ whose style is as identifiably her own as the historical works of great artists I’ve been forced to memorize and identify on sight in art history class. Only this time, my grade doesn’t depend on it and I actually like it!

I hope you enjoy reading the interview. You can read it here.

Thank you Tameka for asking me to be interviewed.

Tameka is also a fabulous jeweler and photographer and you can find her creations at PrettyinPeace.

Design This Design That Magazine Feature!

About a month ago I was contacted by Ariadna Ramley of Design This Design That Magazine based out of Mexico for an interview featuring my artwork. The issue is live online now. It looks fantastic and is full of gorgeous artwork from artists world wide!

She interviewed a total of 68 artists for this issue! I am on page 98.

Go Read it!

Thank you Ariadna. I am humbled to be amongst so many talented people.

And the Winner is… and in Other News…

So after unsuccessfully contacting the first name drawn I did get through to the second name I drew.

Congratulations to Range of Canada from Memoirs on a Rainy Day. He won the Mother Goose is Loose Print. I’ll be mailing it off to you tomorrow. Hope you like it. Thank you everyone for entering.

In other news another contest on another blog. RavenX of Dirty Pretty Things to Ponder asked if I would do an interview with her. I said yes. As part of the interview I am giving away a print of Sexy Red Toes.

You can enter here to win.