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Feel Good. Not Guilt.

Feel Good. Not Guilt.

Hard to Read?
Click the image and become my contact on flickr so you can see (read) the larger scan of this journal entry as I am OCD when it comes to writing.

A page written in the moleskine cahier on November 15, 2007.

At the time of writing this I was nearing the end of the dreaded Paxil Taper Caper!!!

I began reading back today, and realized this entry wasn’t so bad after all. As time passes we all forge ahead and adapt to our ever changing environments.

The taper symptoms have since disapeared. đŸ˜‰

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Rolling Closer with Artist Materials Used

Rolling with materials used

Title – Rolling Closer
Materials – Windsor & Newton Watercolour and Sakura 005 Micron Pen on Moleskine Watercolour paper

Artist’s Statement – This is the first time I’ve used Watercolour in four years. Watercolour was laid down first followed
by pen. Notice the little blue birdies upper left center facing right.

The Story – One night while out clubbing in Vancouver my purse was rifled through. This person(s) stole my Watercolour Set which is identical to the one pictured above and nothing else. I hope they desperately needed art materials more than my poor soul at that time. For the next four years I RARELY touched watercolour content creating with acrylic and pen.

The set above is a gift from Mom. The thing is this set went missing about two weeks ago. To make matters worse I thought I lost it at a club four years later here in Saint John.

Rolling Close - with two birdies

During.that.couple.of.days.it.was.missing I googled the set’s name and found a great pic from a Blogger named Ethan of his set.

In desperation I stole his photo and emailed it to the club. So, thank you Ethan in proper Blog post form.

Go and check out the art this Ethan Draws in the identical Moleskine Watercolour journal using the same Windsor & Newton Travel watercolour travel set.

The conclusion – Turns out it was at a friends house and not at the club at all.

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2 three inch square journal hoppers – drawings

Hopper 7 - JessicaDoyle.ca - 2006Title –
Hopper 7 (left)

Medium –
Black ink on handmade paper

Artists Statement –
Pepsi stained and all.

Hopper 8 - JessicaDoyle.ca - 2006Title –
Hopper 8 (right)

Medium –
Red and black ink on handmade paper

Artists Statement –
A full glass of pepsi did indeed fall on this miniature journal. I like the effect it left on many of the pages within. Sometimes accidents, have a creative purpose afterall.

A bird looking at fuzzy looking things


I have been drawing more lately using my favorite pen; the PILOT G-TEC-C4. Excellent for writing and/or drawing. The above spread was created over a few days this week. I tend to draw many things at once, going back over them again and again adding detail. I never use a pencil first, unless I am composing an image that will be painted in using watercolor. Just pen on paper. The journal I am currently working in contains about 60lb paper stock, is acid free, cold press and unbleached. I like cold-press paper because it gives a light texture to draw upon rather than the stark hot-press paper, which tends to be smoother and have a sheen to it.

I completed this drawing two nights ago down at my friend Soren’s home. He created music while I drew to it. He said:

It looks like a bird looking at fuzzy looking things…

Hence the title of the drawing. Below is a detail of Bird.