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The 2009 Christmas Wishlist

  • Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens, five each of super fine nib, brush nib & medium nib and two Fine nib all in black and one package of four sanguine and sepia colours
  • Pilot G-tec C4 Pens – two Black ones please
  • Moleskine Colour a Month Daily Planner
  • Medium Length Winter Coat (maybe a red semi formal but casual coat) in size Sm/Med or 5,6,7,8 it depends as women’s clothing is weird that way
  • Warm Winter Gloves (not mittens) in dark grey or black
  • Fabriano paper
  • Canson Paper (various colours please)
  • Arches cold press watercolour paper (at least 140lb in sheet form not a roll)
  • Selection of crazy funky artist papers as there is no paper in Saint John
  • #6 round long handled paintbrush
  • #1 round long handled and long haired paintbrush
  • Books to read that inspire me or take me away to another land for a little while (no mystery, no romance and certainly no horror)
  • #11 X-acto knife blades and a spare holder for the blades
  • A pretty shoulder bag in charcoal grey from my Etsy favorites and other pretty things from there to
  • Two Pilot CHOOSE 0.7 nib (opaque white ink gel pen)
  • Five pairs of black socks that come half way up to the knee (not to thick and size 7)
  • Clothing from Ureshi
  • iPhone (with video) and plan
  • $1,000,000 😉
  • A boyfriend – you know who you are! Come visit me already…
  • Handmade sketchbook that is square in shape or at least a little larger (minimum size 7×7 inches and not spiral bound – must lay flat when opened too any page)
  • A much greener option other than heating my home with an oil furnace, electricity from the local oil burning electric plant, burning wood or natural gas :(

I’m willing to barter with you if you are the maker of these items. In exchange for your product I’ll write a blog post review for you and/or you can pick what you like form my online art shop.

Merry Christmas! xo

The original pretty mandala art shown above I created with white gouache and black india ink on red Canson paper. It measures 5×5 inches (12,7cm by 12,7cm) and is listed in the art shop.

Feel Good. Not Guilt.

Feel Good. Not Guilt.

Hard to Read?
Click the image and become my contact on flickr so you can see (read) the larger scan of this journal entry as I am OCD when it comes to writing.

A page written in the moleskine cahier on November 15, 2007.

At the time of writing this I was nearing the end of the dreaded Paxil Taper Caper!!!

I began reading back today, and realized this entry wasn’t so bad after all. As time passes we all forge ahead and adapt to our ever changing environments.

The taper symptoms have since disapeared. 😉

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Rudolph the Alien Llama

Rudolph the Alien Llama

Rudolph Rudolph Rudolph
the alien reindeer Llama
had a lopsided eye
and one
three toed hoof

…and enjoyed wearing red neck ties to work.

He had a five headed alien sister…

…and red conjoined alien brothers.
Red Conjoined Aliens

All three were drawn using black and red Pilot Gtec C4 pens in a Moleskine Cahier.

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Rolling Closer with Artist Materials Used

Rolling with materials used

Title – Rolling Closer
Materials – Windsor & Newton Watercolour and Sakura 005 Micron Pen on Moleskine Watercolour paper

Artist’s Statement – This is the first time I’ve used Watercolour in four years. Watercolour was laid down first followed
by pen. Notice the little blue birdies upper left center facing right.

The Story – One night while out clubbing in Vancouver my purse was rifled through. This person(s) stole my Watercolour Set which is identical to the one pictured above and nothing else. I hope they desperately needed art materials more than my poor soul at that time. For the next four years I RARELY touched watercolour content creating with acrylic and pen.

The set above is a gift from Mom. The thing is this set went missing about two weeks ago. To make matters worse I thought I lost it at a club four years later here in Saint John.

Rolling Close - with two birdies

During.that.couple.of.days.it.was.missing I googled the set’s name and found a great pic from a Blogger named Ethan of his set.

In desperation I stole his photo and emailed it to the club. So, thank you Ethan in proper Blog post form.

Go and check out the art this Ethan Draws in the identical Moleskine Watercolour journal using the same Windsor & Newton Travel watercolour travel set.

The conclusion – Turns out it was at a friends house and not at the club at all.

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Brian and his drawing

Oddly enough this was the scheduled post for today. The last post Little Brian died today is purely coincidental or is it?

Brian, the boyfriend of my friend Dawn who is very much alive.


Brian’s drawing of CROW. I love giving my pen and journal to people who say they cannot draw. Funny thing is… they always draw or write something within those pages. I have many drawings from other people contained within dozens of journals from years gone by. I’ll create a book someday, entitled DrunkaRds DrawRings.

Brain's crow drawing