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And the stripping continues or welcome to my new home and other smoking updates

peeling the wallpaper

The dotted lines are signed as of May 28, 2009, the keys handed over and all is well in my new home except for the decades worth of wallpaper that I’m removing from three of the upstairs bedrooms. It normally doesn’t come off as easy as this wall did. In fact, this was the only wall that peeled in this way. Each and every other wall is painstakingly tedious to wet, scrape, peel, wet, scrape, peel…

Back Deck

I’ll officially be moving in on June 9th when the kitchen appliances and beds I ordered arrive.

The tale is being told in pictures on Flickr (28 pictures and counting) and in mighty fine tweets on Twitter. Hope you’ll join me!

Living room looking into Sunroom

Oh, and I’m 22 days smoke free today! And it has not been easy at times. Hit the more button at the bottom of my twitter and you’ll read why.

Upstairs Hallway

And add to the stress of non-smoking and buying a house; I’ve had my period for 8 days straight. I’m tired. I know it’s due to having an IUD. I will be going to doctor soon to get it taken out. This is an ongoing monthly issue for me that seems to be getting worse as the months progress since having the copper IUD inserted 2.5 years ago.

Spooky Basement 01

I can’t wait to set my studio up!

I woke today to find that my art is featured in 11 treasuries. There is a site called Craftopolis that lets you see the current treasuries you are featured in on Etsy. Hope you’ll visit each one or stop by the shop to say hi!

Menstruation, Period, Blood

In celebration of women’s monthly shades of red blood, seeping, flowing or leaking from yes, our vagina; are some thoughts, links and controversies for you to read.

For any of you who are using tampons please consider switching to a reusable pad or a menstral cup. I stopped using brand name tampons and pads about five years ago. To my surprise my monthly one to two week long yeast infections disapeared along with the unbearable dryness, pain and itchiness tampon use had done to me. Why in the world would human beings create such an awful bleached cotton/rayon tube shaped diaper sponge to shove up your vagina? Why would women choose to use this environmentally unfriendly toss away product that fits into your jeans pocket so the boys won’t know you have your period while in high school? Tampons dry you out. They absorb not just the blood but the good mucous, lining the walls of your vagina. Every time you insert one and then remove it you scrape the lining of your vagina irritating it. Tampons leak. They cause odour and could cause Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Why do feminine product commercials only show blue watery liquid being poured out of a glass onto a pad? I’ve never in my life experienced a period that has been chlorine blue and watery thin that came out of a glass cup or beaker. On the contrary it is thick, multi-coloured red goo, cream and bubble textured. What is yours like?

I use what is called a menstral cup (Keeper). It is a reusable soft menstral cup about the size of a plum used for up to 12 hours a day that has up to a ten year life expectancy. That means you take it out in the morning, emtpy it’s contents in the toilet, rinse and re-insert until the evening. I have not used a pad nor tampon in five years. I payed for it once. I’m not filling up the landfills monthly. I’m not in need of lubricants or yeast control meds. Above all, my vagina is happier. After every cycle you simply wash it with hot water and soap, rinse with water thoroughly, then mix one tablespoon of vinegar in one cup of water and place the keeper in it for a few hours. This disinfects it. Simple eh?

Please compare tampons and menstral cups. Check out the Museum of Menstruation & Women’s Health to see what women have used, experienced and been sold throughout the ages. The old advertisements will make you laugh and perhaps even shock you, but more seriously this site will make you think. Here are all the topics they cover!

In the 1930’s reusable was loosing it’s battle with disposable in the corporate/capitalist world. Why would someone build or create something that could last for 10 years when you could create something to be used for five to eight hours and then have to pay to have it replaced again and again? This philosophy does not just apply to tampon and pad manufacturing, it is relevant to most industries today; i.e. cars, clothing, diapers, razors, plasticware, furniture and technology based products. We live in a world of ever improving swiffers. What happened to just using a good ole mop?