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Amelia (Avocado Edition)

Meet Sunshine’s earthy sister!



Both Sunshine and Avocado made the front page of Etsy. Thank you :)

I created the Amelia series from an original gouache and india ink painting on red paper. I removed the background digitally and coloured her using Adobe Photoshop.

There is one other sister and her name is Blueberry.


The original painting is for sale here. And you can find each Amelia Edition in both 5×5 inch and 8×8 inch size within the prints section of my shop.

Hope you like them!

Day Dreams

Deep guttural industrial clanks and crashes escape the fog of night traveling upwards into the residential neighborhood where I reside, from the shipyard, refinery and paper mill lining the coast.

Day Dreams

The fog is thick.

It is near impossible to see across the street at night. The only light that pierces is those yellow and orange ones that dot the city streets. Many years ago the city of Saint John adopted a new orange hued lighting system on it’s main thoroughfares as white street lights didn’t cut it in one of the foggiest cities on earth. Never drive here with your high beams on in the fog for you will be blind.

I have yet to decide if 57 days of rain in the Winter or 57 days of fog in the Summer is worse. Rain in Vancouver or fog in Saint John. Saint John has sunny Winters but it can have foggy cold Summers. All one has do is drive 20 minutes in any direction away from Saint John and you’ll most likely be met with gorgeous blue skies. And to narrow that drive down drive anywhere outside of the East Side of Saint John and be met with glorious sunshine.

We had one sunny day last week. Other than that one blissful day it has been down right cold, raining and miserable. And I was sick on that day. Dammit!

Funny thing with fog is that only deep noise penetrates it. A baritone’s voice would do well in such conditions while a soprano not so good.

The foghorn was invented here. A man named Robert Foulis happened to be walking one very foggy night in the 1800’s and heard piano keys tapping. He soon realized that only the deep keys traversed the fog while the higher notes were inaudible. And so the story goes that lighthouses soon after had a foghorn installed within. Funny that Wikipedia doesn’t mention the piano keys. Maybe it’s just locally known or an urban myth we were taught in elementary school.

Lucky me.

It’s a good to day to dream in Photoshop.

Day Dreams - original ink drawing

Above is the original ink drawing before I played with it in photoshop. The original sold back in March 2008 and belongs to an art collector in the United States.

Archival prints of Day Dreams are available in the art shop.

Sassy Sea Urchin – Illustration

I drew this drawing using a Micron 005 nib pen and later digitally colored it in Adobe Photoshop.

The Sassy Sea Urchin is listed in the shop. You can see the Sassy’s brother and the original ink drawings here.

Sassy Sea Urchin art created by illustrator Jessica Doyle

Beachy Beachy Beach!

Trust Each Moment as it is – a year coming into focus

This year I will thrive to trust each moment as it is. This image is one I play with often. Walking is in our nature. Our footprints are our past. The future is every step one takes. The present is in choice.

Trust Each Moment As It is - eastvanesica - 2007

Trust Each Moment as it is was originally rendered as an assignment to create a screen image for our computers. Feet fascinate me, in the way they choose what direction to go in. They represent our connection to the earth. We are all connected by the soles of our feet.

I continue to use images from my past to create with. I believe it may be the first time in my life I feel this urge to pick up where I left off on paintings, digital renderings, poems ideas. In past years I have attempted to do it all at once. I can’t do that. This is not so much a matter of needing to slow down as it a matter of priority to dig a little deeper into the crevices for the dirt that needs cleaning.

So can a piece of artwork ever be finished? This year, that, is my focus.

An Art Abstract

Who needs drugs when you have photoshop. This is my friend Chester on the right and myself on the left. He sent me an email with these pics attached at the end of the message. I emailed him back with some pics of my own. Anyone care to guess what we were talking about? LOL! Man, I laughed so hard the other night because of the pics he sent me and the ones I later created to send him.


If you have any distorted pics of yourself please feel free to send them to me. I’ll post 6 at a time to create another art absract.


Emotion_04 with Photoshop

As a comparison and to illustrate how a simple, well advanced piece of software can change the look and feel of a drawing you drew I did one myself. This would have to be one way I truly enjoy manipulating my ink drawings by adding colour to them in photoshop. I used the previously posted Emotion 04 as an example. It has a nice dreamlike, organic ocean coral feeling ebbing from it now. The original, though dreamy, is stark in comparison. The “C” and “BW” stand for colour and Black & White respectively. What to you think?

Emotions 04C

Emotions 04C manipulation, Jessica Doyle ©2006

Emotions 04BW


Emotions 04BW scan, Jessica Doyle ©2006