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And a wave of sadness washed over me

Between life becoming busy and life seeming mundane, grey and somewhat frustrating I can’t say that I haven’t been feeling sad lately because I have.

Sadness Rant

I’m tired of being single and feeling lonely
I’m tired of people writing and blatantly saying they are going to copy me but as they don’t sell on Etsy; it’s ok.
I’m tired of idiots that are disguised as gentlemen who won’t return a journal that rightfully belongs to me.
I’m tired of this city
I’m tired of not earning enough to own my own place
I’m tired of being so close I can taste it
I’m tired of not understanding Google Analytics


I’m just very tired lately and everything seems to be bothering me.


…and I’m working hard and I’ll be damned if I’ll be down for that long because there are goals to meet this year…

And a wave of sadness washed over me

Size – 8×8 inches / 20,3cm by 20,3cm
Artist Quality Materials used – Faber Castell India Ink, Pilot Silver Gel Ink, Pilot hi tec C pens and Pilot Gtec, C4 pens, Strathmore Flower Petal Paper
And the wave of sadness, well it’s listed for sale

Guest Post by Susan L. Guran

January 29, 2009
Dear Jessica,

On a practical note . . . I was thrilled with how quickly, efficiently and graciously you handled our project together. Your skills and talents are impressively evident when looking at your work in all contexts. You seem to understand your medium(s) intimately and were willing to experiment and try different things, always responding kindly to my concerns and suggestions.


I greatly appreciated how dedicated you remained despite being ill and losing your dear cat McGandy in the midst of our process together–not to mention the fact that this was all happening during the holiday season! Everything was accomplished much sooner than I expected given the obstacles that appeared along the way.

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The Ad was Stripped During the Last 48 Hours

    Sadly, the ad is not an ad.
    Sadly, I will not be able to showcase that rotating exhibit of other artists work from Gawker Artists in this blog’s sidebar.
    Sadly, the ad was displaying on my blog for a full two months!
    Sadly, someone must have reported me to WordPress.com when I finally announced my acceptance to Gawker artists two days ago.
    Sadly, WordPress.com responded back to me, “I suspect that it is being automatically stripped because we’re not keen on it – sorry about that!”
    Sadly, I will, respect WordPress.com rules.

…because I love blogging on WordPress.com.

Until now it hasn’t made sense

Does it make sense to you?
That knowing that on the other end of the computer
is another person
sitting, typing, talking, listening, reading.
Have you ever stopped to think about it?
think about it?

Everyday I speak with people who live physically intangible distances from me.
they are right there punching keys…. laughing, promoting, writing,
biding there time

Each week I am contacted by students;
students of art.
Each week I am contacted by people
who want this artwork.
As it gets “out” there… it becomes more visible…

I really don’t know what I’m doing.

There is no guide book here you know?

Are you there?
Really there?

Reading this?

About having a good cry

I cried last night.
I cried quietly at first hiding my tears.
I then cried louder.
I began crying softer.

I cried.
I cried.
I cried.

I cried for peace of mind.
I cried for love.
I cried in vain simply to be heard.

I cried because I miss my grandmother.
I cried because I am exhausted.
I cried because I loath my job at times.

I cried to be better.
I cried with my friend.
It had been a few weeks since the tears fell again.

I am crying right now because I am tired.
I wonder why…
I wonder why..

I cried last night. I talked it out last night. Sobs. Tears. Sniffles. Chagrin.

I’ve been lonely. I’ve been sad. I’ve been hasty and also mad.

I work so hard. I work everyday. Is it just February…
Is it just


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It tasted like chewing on pennies and soap

…prior to five days ago.

I suffered unknowingly for close to four weeks
with this awful metallic soapy taste
in my mouth.
No amount of salt could dilute
this abstergent awful pungent state.

I was not ingesting antibiotics
nor was I crunching copper crumbs at breakfast.
As quickly as the onset of this malady hit, it’s remedy
quickly brushed


Sadly, four weeks ago I had purchased a tube of toothpaste

as the one before it
had run out.
Being non brand loyal
I switched and had chose another.

This Tuesday
I bought another brand of toothepaste.
That night my mouth turned saline!
NORMALCY ensued.

Beware people of new and improved
for it may be bad and caustic.
Conglomerates are inventing concoctions;
new whitening sensations
to feed our consuming nation.

White is not all that great
if it comes at the price of homemade chicken stew
tasting akin to poultry conditioning shampoo.


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Have you ever tried to work out the way you think.

I think about this person saying these things to another person.

“She is fabulous!
She is an artist”

“Oh really
tell me more”

Tonight it dawned on me. It rose up beyond the clouds into perception;
into reality.
I think about people and what they think of me
much of the time.
Is that,
what I am thinking?


I think about those people saying things to other people when in fact, I am thinking about saying things to other people about themselves.