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I am suffering from Internet Explorer – itis

Who would have thaught that not having access to my Power Book could cause a good crying fit.

I sit at my mother’s computer and stare, get frustrated with using Internet Explorer and it’s damn freezing and it’s inability to cope with modern day browsing and usability or lack there of. *SCREAM!*

Oh, I have numerous stories to tell, weave and publish. I miss my mac and I miss firefox. In haste during the last day of packing I placed the power chord and adaptor to my Power Book in a box and my Power Book in the carry-on. In a box, that as of yet has not been shipped by that ex-boyfriend of mine. I’ve got the laptop but have no power and no money to purchase a replacement.

Maybe Apple would be kind enough to send me a MacBook? And Panasonic an adaptor/charger chord for the one missing from October 2006 for my camera/recorder. If Apple sent me a Macbook, Panasonic would be off the hook as I could work online again and earn some very much needed money through craft, design and blogging.

I shipped 19 boxes that last day in Vancouver. Ninety percent of my artwork and a little-bit-o-computer equipment still remain in Vancouver and didn’t get shipped as Canada Post was closing and I was dealing with (that is another story). I wish he would just ship it already (and if you have thank you)!!!

Blogging and Explorer are not friends. In fact they hate eachother. Explorer hates me and the feeling is mutual. I can’t save. I can barely comment. I can’t Blog. And PC – you can go fu** yourself.