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Solvent based Markers are Dangerous to You and Your Artwork

Who would have known that? I didn’t. DUH!

Last night I was researching markers and pens as I am in the market to purchase a set. I wanted to buy this set from the art store where I work as I do get a nice discount. Sharpie Markers were out of the question as the fumes from them make me feel ill, not high or happy, sick.

Last night I settled on buying a $119 set of 24 Prismacolor Double Ended Markers. I already loved their lightfast colored pencils so why not their markers. I was ecstatic!

I went to work today and during lunch purchased that set of 24 Markers. I was so excited until I brought them home, opened the packaging and then one marker and almost puked. I have a head ache on the right side of my head from that damn Poppy Red Marker. Upon closer inspection of the solvent-based marker itself is a sticker reading Non-toxic. NON TOXIC my ASS! Tomorrow those 24 markers go back to where they belong, locked up in the expensive artist materials jail cabinet.

I’ve re-settled on purchasing Le Plume Double Ended Markers. They are water based, rubber stampers love them, and they won’t kill me or my family members. I’ll continue using Micron, Faber Castell and check into Zig artist pens soon.

1.Markers contain a reservoir of soluble ink that is wicked onto a drawing or writing surface through a felt or nylon tip. With the exception of archival markers, most markers are not lightfast, even if they are classified as permanent.

I work hard folks to use the best artist materials I can afford. I choose artist and archival quality whenever possible. I want to be “DOING” art for a long long time and as such refuse to put my health or other people’s health in danger just for the sake of permanency. My face is so close to the paper when I’m drawing. How do you think I get that detail. I’m sorry, but I’ll not sport an activated carbon mask when drawing. I didn’t like Xylene (found in most white board markers, bingo dabbers, rubber cement, sharpies etc) in Art College and I don’t like it now. Trusting brand alone is not enough today when searching for artist materials.

And worst of all… after some searching I came across this 2.snippet,

Never use solvent based markers on a photocopy or directly on original artwork done with permanent ink! The marker will make the linework smear.

Save yourself and your artwork. CHOOSE waterbased, unscented and acid free whenever possible. Or in the least, go outside to draw or paint. I don’t have that option as we are expecting our 9th or 10th snowstorm tonight.

1. From Blick Art Materials
2. From page 172 of the book, Drawing Shortcuts: Developing Quick Drawing Skills Using Today’s Technology, By Jim Leggitt

UPDATE Found a great artsist safety site aptly named Artsafety.org

NYE 2007 – addiction sheds its disguise

I am playing around on my site and probably will do so quite often as the New Year approachs, then begins. To everyone – please do not worry about me and let me know how worried you are. All it does is cause me to second guess myself and worry about you. Right now I am safe with my cat and surogate dog and am working on my apartment, blog and also in the process of contacting people about NYE who can help me if needed. The drug useage in my previous post happened when none of you know. Just like any other chronic desease, a relapse may occur. What has helped in the past is when I open up and begin writing HONESTLY. This is my blog. This is my life. And the addiction is not who I am just as when my chron’s disease was active, the chron’s was not who I was. They are both there inside me and I have the choice to be transparent.

There are times when we truley find ourselves alone. This is not a bad thing. It just is. The people who are normally in my life are not for one reason or other, not able to help me. Physically, some of them are off of the continent right now. Others live in another city unreachable by bus or skytrain. Some live on the other side of the continent.

cosmicfencing.jpgI have some aquaintances :). I have been reading so much tonight after desparelty searching for my resource self compiled addiction resource binder. The fear had become silently overwhelming. I’m putting my coping skills to the test. I’m responding rather than reacting. If you are at all alarmed by this take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Daytox, Dual Diagnosis and my Family Doctor have given me the skills. I just didn’t think I would ever have to use them again ;).

So the aquaintances. They are people whom I can trust to be with, without being triggered. I know this. I have tested this. This is a very great thing indeed. Friday night (today) I’ll be attending a free event on fencing. I’ve decided to attend at a specificly set time frame. I have bus fare put aside for the event. I’m actually excited about going. It is going to be a black light spectacle. The people whom I know in attandance are NOT hard drug users and will not show me any, nor offer me any because they don’t use them.

NYE though, I need to do some research. I cannot attend any club event at all nor can I attend any event where people i know are taking hard drugs.

If I did attend a club event or house party it would end in these two scenarios ONLY.

  • 1. Attend event – leave event and return home safely and fall asleep whether or not the consumption of drugs occured.
  • 2. Attend event – leave event and return home an addict.
  • Seriously, I WILL NOT take that risk.

    You know what, regardless of where I am physically located in the world these same scenarios could be occurring there.

    I am not angry with anyone. Please believe me. My gut (instinct) is working at an all time high (no pun intended).