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I Won – The Most Wall Worthy Art Contest!

The best intentions to write this post yesterday withered as the day progressed, and sleepiness combined with the inability to concentrate swept over me. The excitement of winning first place and having three room rental tenants move into my house on the same day was slightly overwhelming.

I slept for 10 hours last night.


Thank you to everyone who voted for the Sassy Sea Urchin; all 299 of you! And congrats to all the other finalists. A record breaking number of people turned out to vote in Etsy’s What Would You Hang on Your Wall Contest as reported in the Storque article featuring my artwork!

Special Offer – Mention this blog post in the message to seller upon check-out and you’ll get 15% off your total purchase (excluding shipping costs) from me. If you’ve been eying an original artwork or box this would be the time to purchase it. The 15% off will be refunded via Paypal after you have paid. This offer expires on August 25, 2009.

Please Vote for Me in the What Would You Hang on Your Wall Contest


Well, it looks like the Sassy Sea Urchin was nominated into the What Would You Hang on Your Wall Contest on Etsy. Yay! Thanks so much DailyThreads for nominating me and congratulations on winning the previous A Notebook for All Seasons contest.

And thank you to Lorrie, a good friend of mine for initially letting me know about this whole thing by posting the contest on my facebook wall this morning… I had no idea!

Please do go vote for me :)

If I win, my art will be featured in the Members Choice Gift Guide on Etsy. The Gift Guides are prime real estate and if you are lucky and talented enough to be featured in one; it’s akin to winning a small lottery and could certainly do much in helping my art sales. And that my friends is what feeds, clothes, pays the vet bills and allows me to continue creating; in essence to do my job and not go insane and cut off my ear like van Gogh did.

If you are not a member of Etsy… do sign up so that you can vote within the next six days. Both my cat and I agree, this, is a good thing!

Recycled Magnetic Sea Life LOCKET SET – A Collaboration with Artist Polarity

A couple of weeks ago Cat AKA Polarity a fantastic jewelry artist on Etsy contacted me to collaborate on a new line of recycled artist lockets she was introducing into her shop. This is the result of that collaboration!
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My art is featured in Canada’s Style at Home magazine

If you live in Canada or have access to Canadian magazines go and pick up the December issue of Style at Home magazine and flip to page 59. My art is featured within the Shopping Etc section under the Sites We Love Column.

Best of All, Style at Home tried Etsy’s shop local feature and found my shop along with AlbertaCountryPrim’s Etsy shop which is located here.

What they say,

The premise of Etsy is simple; items are mostly handmade, and the shopping experience is like Ebay minus the bidding aspect. Artisans craft everything from paintings to ceramics to ornaments, and sell them on this site, handling the shipping themselves…”


They placed an image of the Sassy Sea Urchin within the article writing,

…entrancing sea- and floral-inspired art prints (left), from $5, by JessicaDoyle in New Brunswick, and AlbertaCountryPrimitives’ old-fashioned painted signs, from $18 each.

Back in September writer, Helen Racanelli contacted me, and at first I thought “this isn’t real”. After some research and writing back and forth a few times I realized pretty fast that it was indeed real.

Thank you Helen. I am humbled to be mentioned in such a beautiful magazine.