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Pinwheels and Hello!

In between unpacking boxes and creating order from chaos in my home I’ve found the time to doodle more than once in this little burgundy linen covered sketchbook with my favorite pens; Pilot G-tec C4’s and Pilot Hi Tec C’s.

So yes, I’m breaking the silence and beginning to immerse myself into blogging again through posting this little 5×5 inch doodle.

pinwheels ink doodle by artist Jessica Doyle

I miss you guys! I’m back and will be sharing much more with you over the coming weeks including more doodle’s, a contest, a sale (to help me buy a new iMac before this laptop kicks the bucket causing me not to be able to share with you or work for that matter) and finished house pictures.

Sneak peek upstairs!


Go in with a Positive Attitude

Boxing Day Pic of me

On my way to work yesterday I was complaining about having to go to work to my father, dreading the uneasiness (not the work itself) that seems to have rested over my place of employment. When we arrived at the store I opened the passenger door to get out and my Dad says to me “Go in with a positive attitude.”

I did. I smiled said thank you for the lift and entered that giant store happy. And later that night I left that giant store happy.

I truly am growing tired of being uncertain… when in fact my life is fantastic. I am surrounded by people who love me. I have a job related to arts. I am blogging. I am creating new art and meeting new people both online and offline with whom I connect.

All of these things combined make for a beautiful life.

Who are we to continuously complain without doing anything about what we are complaining about. Think about that.

The picture above was snapped by my mom using my camera on Boxing day during the yearly gathering at my Grandmother’s place. She turned 93 on Christmas Day. If she can keep going and smiling so can I.

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