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ACEO Collection – And then there were wine bottles

These little illustrative ACEO’s were inspired by the Happinez Wine Bar located in Uptown Saint John. They are the first six in a series of nine wine bottle themed ACEO’s.

You can see how they progressed from ink drawing to watercolour to the now finished ACEO with the final coloured penciling touches laid down on them.

I’ll be blogging the other three in this series tomorrow. Hope you like them!

If there is one that you need to own, they are $70CAD a piece plus shipping. Simply let me know via a comment or use the nifty contact form on this blog to get in touch with me and I’ll Paypal invoice you. These ACEO’s will not be listed in my Etsy Art Shop as they are being created for the Upcoming Saint John Gallery Hop.

We Fourish and Reproduce

…but first we grow.

We Flourish

We Flourish (above) made the front page of Etsy last week. Thank you LillyYella. I think We Grow did at one point to. All three originals in this series that are named We are on exhibit at the Klausen Gallery in Uptown Saint John. I created prints of them in three sizes; ACEO mini print, 5×7 inch and in 8.5×11 inch size. Each are available in my shop.

We Reproduce

It’s exciting to make the front page of Etsy. I will not lie… the exposure is great. I can’t even sit down at my computer when it happens. I need to run outside and breath. Haha! And sadly there is a huge backlash of angry Etsy sellers in the forums lately who hate the fact that some sellers do indeed make the front page. Truth be told, I went months without making the front page and felt sad about it yes, yet I knew the reason is very simple for not making the front page…

Work hard creating unique art in whatever form of creation that is, scan, photograph and get it to the best it can look. And you must love what you do and I can’t repeat that enough… Love what you do and take the risk of putting yourself out there.

After this post I am working on my wholesale site. Yes, it’s been a secret up ’til now. I can be found on Trunkt. Come on over and say hi!

Bye :)