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Makin’ a List

It's a Small World at Disneyland

Well since my master plan of getting a tree and making things semi-festive this year has not panned out due to our house being infested with illness, I thought I might do a little dreaming instead. If I can’t decorate, I can still use my creativity!

Here are five things I dream of doing, some easier to accomplish than others, but one day I’ll have done them all. :)

1. Throw a big festive dinner for friends and family. Vegan options, not-remotely-vegan options, wine flowing like wine. In a big decorated house.

2. Spend all of autumn in a place that really shows its seasons. I’ve always dreamed of renting out a nice house from maybe September through December, somewhere like Vermont, where I can watch all the leaves turn colors and then fall off while the world around me morphs into a giant snowglobe. And everything will smell like apple cider, and people will walk their dogs through piles of leaves and the dogs will be wearing scarves and sleigh bells will jingle in the distance. That’s how it is there, right?

3. Make hot white chocolate for my husband. I’m not a fan of white chocolate either (the darker the better) but the poor kid is allergic to regular chocolate. It’s so sad.

4. Buy mistletoe and hang it somewhere.

5. Go stay in a shnazzy hotel in a big city that’s all decorated and bustling for the holidays, with window displays and people running around and lights hanging from everything. Like Paris. Or New York.

Despite not yet having a tree or even knowing if I’ll be able to get one, I know I have a few things to look forward to this year either way. Hanukkah party at our friend’s house. Sushi on Christmas Eve. Driving around looking at lights with my husband. Mulled wine and watching Downton Abbey with my mom.

But in the meantime, I’m gonna keep dreaming of a healthy weekend. :)

Written by Shayla Maddox for Art & Musings

Harbour Station booth photos and how your health plays a huge part in one’s sales

Sadly, I was sick all of last weekend and couldn’t talk or interact with people as much as I would have liked to when they were in my booth. After one minute of talking to someone I would start incessantly coughing and then have to leave the booth for water or my head was pounding so badly that I could barely manage a smile. I barely shook people’s hands and this really affected my overall sales. I made out OK, but in hindsight, being only 50% healthy at a very large and public sale is not a good thing.
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Complications in life rant balanced out with some positive notes and drawings

It began a few weeks ago as simply a feeling of being tired and overwhelmed. Then it progressed into exhaustion and not being able to keep up with myself or rather do all the things I wanted no needed to do. After a week or so a slight sore throat developed and that too went away but the tiredness remained.

Usually a day or two before a sickness takes a real hold of me I tend to get this adrenaline rush and feel so physically awesome running around and do so much in such a short period of time like today is the last day that I’ll ever be alive and everything I ever wanted to do must be done now! Sadly, deep down inside on that day I know that I’m going to crash pretty hard and boy the crash has been long winded this time around.
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Packaging 101 and how it’s related to 4000 Etsy hearts, feedback, cupcakes and being sick.


I glanced at my hearts on Etsy tonight and there were 4000 of them! It is also the first time I surpassed sales numbers per ratio of hearts. It used to be that every 500 hearts I made 50 sales. Well, I am at 470 sales.

Momentum rocks!

And each and every order gets packaged with extra special care. I received this public feedback the other day from a happy customer. She writes:

In less than a *week I received my “sassy sea urchin”… it’s even better in person!!! I was very impressed with the packaging, my daughter cut out the flower you drew on the envelope and loves the sticker you enclosed!! Thanks for making my first internet shopping experience so positive!!

That in itself keeps me going :) I love my customers and making people smile. It’s my job.


In behind the scenes

I’m skeptical about asking my free supplier of cardboard for more cardboard but will need more clean cardboard very soon. In the meantime I began the daunting task of researching a clean Canadian cardboard supplier online to buy from. If you have any ideas please shoot them my way.


And in sickness news

I am very sick right now… again with a sore throat, swollen glands, can barely speak and am going in and out of fever. I’m doing my best to keep the business going, respond to inquiries, print, package, sign, date, title, write a review about my new Epson R2880 printer and most importantly get enough rest during this busy time of year.

Oddly enough I took two days off this past weekend and travelled to Fredericton to visit with Karen. It was the first two days in a row that I took off since the summertime. I did the bare minimum to keep things going online. It’s hard to step away.

It seems I get sick when I step away. I don’t get it.

I resolve to work all the time so that I don’t get sick in the future. Being sick sucks!

Or as Dad puts it,

Suck it up cupcake!

*Please keep in mind that order was shipped to another Canadian address. For the life of me I can’t figure out why 3% to 5% of my orders to United States residents take five weeks to arrive. The norm is two to three weeks.

*Names on envelopes have been blurred to protect the identity of my customers

The Little List Life Update

  1. Seriously ill last week with Acute Sinus infection.
  2. Prescribed Amoxicillin; drilling pain behind right eye has ceased.
  3. Working on a NEW exciting product
  4. Product will be introduced into my shop next week… Stay Tuned
  5. Featured on the Women of Mystery Blog
  6. Went on first date with Mike
  7. Went out on second date with Robert
  8. Massive studio expansion underway! Before and After shots will be posted
  9. In desperate need of a work table to stand at for cutting, packaging and assembling
  10. It’s my 35th Birthday on November 8th

Ensuring the Pace is Slow

Garden Gloves

For someone who is normally active in both movement and spirit my physical well being has been struck down to a dauntingly slow pace. I began feeling ill late last week and promptly drove myself to the medical clinic Tuesday evening after my symptoms began worsening and not improving after 5 days.

They diagnosed me with sinusitis and prescribed a 10 day course of amoxicillin. My family and many of friends got hit hard with whatever it is that is going around in Southern New Brunswick. Here, I thought I was immune. Haha. I had sinusitis 5 years ago and it lasted eight months. It will not last that long this time around.

The case of the elongated routine

Early last week I had begun my routine of getting up in the morning, brushing my teeth, showering (every second day), eating some breakfast and running my business for the day. I tend to rise at 10:00AM and go to sleep at 2:00AM. Seems to be natural for me so I stick with it. I don’t need an alarm to wake up with this time schedule. But, brushing my teeth now takes one hour and showering takes 2 hours and eating, well it’s hard when your appetite has depleted to that of a mouse.

I remembered having a case of Ensure tucked away in the cupboard for those times when my gut acts up as it does on occasion from having Crohn’s all those many years ago. Knock on wood it has remained in remission for the last 11 years. And one way I keep it in remission is to know my body and when the gut feels bad eat easily digestible food and in a few days I do feel great again. I eat pretty much everything except for olives. They turn my stomach as does tomato soup. Yet, I only cook with olive oil and eat many fresh tomatoes. Hmmm.

As part of the routine I had begun walking to the post office daily taking orders in hand to ship off to various destinations around the world. The post office is a 1/2 hour walk down hill from where I live and another 1/2 hour hike back up that incline. The walking halted abruptly on Thursday. I become tired climbing the one flight of stairs to my studio to work.

Working is good.

I can sit no problem. So, I’ve been working on creating limited edition prints, packaging orders, painting and readying my business for the Fall and Christmas season. I want to buy that three family home I dream of in uptown Saint John. I am working towards it. By Fall I hope to have 500 items listed in my Etsy shop. I have 157 right now. Another 343 to go.

And you know what feels good, I am doing this all on my own. There is no man in my life. I’m reaching for my dreams as twice now those dreams have been put on hold due to relationship breakups. And that is the way with life.

Never Never Never give up.

Image Credit – Jessica Doyle, Garden Gloves

I am I will I shouda coulda and ALWAYS read the fine ART print within posts when it is about WORDPRESS


WE CAN LINK to our ETSY SHOPS from within POSTS!!!! YAY!!!
Thank you Toni

Yes, with the change of seasons comes a change in health. It seems I get struck first by the 24 hour vomit flu and now the going on 96 hour sinus, sore throat, congestion cough cold headache kill me super bug illness. To top it off I have a beautiful blasted cold sore growing on my lower left lip again.

In other news, I’ve purchased an archival printer. Let the bells ring out and the angels sing!

Glicée Prints are available in my Art Shop as of today! More will come as the healthier days commence.

You can get to my art shop in one of ONLY two ways from this blog as WordPress.com has rules about linking to paying sites such as an art shop. You can click on over to my about page or you can click the link found in the upper left navigation menu.

And for the record I don’t only blog because I have an Art Shop. I blog because I love it. It’s another medium for me to bend at whim. To quote what I wrote in 2006 over at the Blog Herald:

Blogging is like opening up a new pack of crayons at age six. It is an artist’s medium; as Letraset is to Mac, hand journaling is to blogging. This new form of journaling; recording information in real time, has struck a chord with me. The sound of tapping keys makes me happy. I have been creating for nearly 30 years but have not shared much of what I have created, learned, understood and for that matter not understood with anyone save for friends and family. This medium grants me a way to create anew and recreate my past artistic endeavors.

And it still does today!

I do wish I could link to my art shop from within posts every now and then here on WordPress… please?…

…and without fear of being banished!

I am sick.
I will get better.
I shoulda taken echinacea.
I coulda

NEW archival printer on my desk!

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It was brown. It stunk. And it hurt.


I began feeling noxious around 3PM yesterday. I began throwing up around 4PM. Around 6PM I peed out my ass. Whatever hit me has since left me quite violently over the last 24 hours. The fever started around midnight last night. It broke sometime this morning.

I’m weak. I am tired. I managed to eat some chicken soup and jello today and keep it down.

Vomiting is not fun unless you are on mushrooms.

A long long time ago I ate some psychedelic mushrooms. I then ate some cherries. I then puked red and fusia kaleidoscopic swirling entities into the toilet where I heaved as much as I laughed and was mesmerized that such beautiful red hued colors could come up and out of my stomach hence beginning to dance themselves into fractals within the crystal clear water of the toilet.

Last night was not like that. It was brown. It stunk. And it hurt.

Image credit – “I Did Not Know” by Jessica Doyle, available in her Etsy Art Shop.

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