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Saying thank you to my internet art supply and book angels

pencil crayons, coloured pencils

Today, to my surprise I received a delightful box from Charles Smith in the mail. A few months ago he had written to ask if there were any art supplies that I needed as he was traveling to Japan where art supplies are cheap and plentiful as opposed to here in Eastern Canada.

After numerous emails from Charles I finally conceded and I wrote back and asked if he’d pick me up a few Pilot Choose Pens in white as my one lone one had all but run out. Well, I opened the box and there were five pens, two boxes of Prismacolor 36 pack Verithin coloured pencils and one box of Prismacolor 12 pack Watercolor pencil crayons. OMG. I was in tears. My pencil crayons were running out fast so this colourful box of goodies has really brightened my day. Continue reading

Spring Tree of the Four Seasons Series

Ever wonder what a tree would look like without leaves or blossoms growing on one side?

The new baby foliage on this tree faces the other way, giving good reason to believe the grass IS greener on the other side. Or in this behind the seasons look, Spring IS sprung on the other side.

I created this illustration in late 2008 using Windsor & Newton Watercolour, Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens and Pilot Hi Tec C pens on Arches Watercolour paper. It measures 8 by 8 inches (20,3cm by 20,3cm).

Today, made me think about this illustration as tiny little buds are appearing on the trees outside which will soon turn into blossoms and leaves. I love Springtime and the awesome power it brings; both restoring and rejuvenating the life surrounding us.

lilac bush buds photo taken Jessica Doyle on April 2, 2010 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Soon the lilacs bushes that line the North and part of the East side of my house will be opening. I snapped a picture of the little buds beginning to appear. I’m so excited that Spring is here, people.

I think this afternoon seeing as the sun is burning off the fog, I will start raking the dead leaves from the lawn and picking up the debris and garbage that always seems to appear after the snows of Winter melt. Hope you have a wonderful day and Happy Good Friday everyone!

The original illustration has since sold to an art collector here in Canada, however lovely archival prints are available in the shop.

We Series – because it’s all about family!

Aren’t they pretty? I completed this series of illustrations late last year. They are available in both 5×7 inch (12,7cm by 17,7cm) and 8.5×11 inch (21,5cm by 27,8cm) sets.

The set is comprised of We Flourish, We Grow and We Reproduce.

I ponder life often during this time of year as the trees and flowers are all but grey and dead around me as they enter their long hibernation this Winter only to come to life during Springtime. One would not exist without the other.

Each of these prints is available in a gift set or individually within the small or medium sections of my art shop.

And when you purchase either the 5×7 or 8.5×11 set by November 15, 2009 simply write “We Series” within the message to seller upon check-out in my Etsy shop and I’ll ship your set for free to wherever you live in the world! Shipping will be reimbursed after payment in full has been received. This offer is only good for “We Series” sets and not valid with any other offer. Do keep an eye on this blog for deals not found anywhere else until Christmas. xo

And if you are interested in buying the original miniature illustrations of the We Series they still secretly exist! I had them archivally matted. But they are not listed in my shop. If you are interested in them they are $125 each and I’ll put up a reserved listing for you on Etsy. The originals are delicate and much softer in colour and hue. Hope to hear from you! Thank you!

The three little kittens they lost their mittens

The three little kittens who lost their mittens illustration by Jessica Doyle

This is almost vintage Jessica Doyle. I completed this illustration in 1995. It was drawn in pencil, painted with watercolour and highlighted with both ink and coloured pencil on Arches watercolour paper.

The original measures 12 by 12 inches / 30,5cm by 30,5cm

Three little kittens they lost their mittens, and they began to cry,
“Oh mother dear, we sadly fear that we have lost our mittens.”
“What! Lost your mittens, you naughty kittens!
Then you shall have no pie.”
“Meeow, meeow, meeow, now we shall have no pie.”
The three little kittens they found their mittens,
And they began to cry,
“Oh mother dear, see here, see here
For we have found our mittens.”
“Put on your mittens, you silly kittens
And you shall have some pie”
“Meeow, meeow, meeow,
Now let us have some pie.”
The three little kittens put on their mittens
And soon ate up the pie,
“Oh mother dear, we greatly fear
That we have soiled our mittens.”
“What! soiled you mittens, you naughty kittens!”
Then they began to cry, “Meeow, meeow, meeow”
Then they began to sigh.
The three little kittens they washed their mittens
And hung them out to dry,
“Oh mother dear, do you not hear
That we have washed our mittens.”
“What! washed your mittens, you are good kittens.”
But I smell a rat close by,
“Meeow, meeow, meeow” we smell a rat close by…

This illustration is very similar in style to Do you love me.

Slowly but surely I’m scanning in my older illustrative work and creating prints of them for you and are available in my art shop. These illustrations are large and must be scanned in sections and painstakingly pieced back together again in photoshop. The alternative is to have a digital photo taken of the artwork. I do send out my much larger acrylic paintings to a local photographer for digitizing. It is expensive to do it that way but worth every penny as the alternative would be next to impossible on a 8.5 by 11.5 inch scanner.

Someday soon, I’ll own a good camera and be able to take the shots myself.


ACEO harmony by artist jessica doyle

Original Artwork Size – 3.5 by 2.5 inches / 8,8cm by 6,3cm

Date of creation – October 2008

Medium – Prismacolor lightfast Verithin colored pencils, Windsor & Newton watercolor and Pilot H-tec C pens on Arches Watercolor paper

The original is for sale here

Harmony is also available in two print sizes.

5×7 inch / 12,7cm by 17,8cm – here
ACEO mini print size – here

harmony-front-page etsy jessicadoyle

I love waking to happy things in the morning. The original artwork of Harmony made the front page of Etsy while I was sleeping.

Thank you Urbanknit for curating such a beautiful treasury that made the front page of Etsy.

Lost at Sea – Series of four fab abstract fish

Lost at Sea… no.1

lost-at-sea by artist jessica doyle

Lost at Sea… no.2

Lost at Sea...no.2 by artist jessica doyle

Lost at Sea… no.3

Lost at Sea...no.3 by artist jessica doyle

Lost at Sea… no.4

Lost at Sea...no.4 by artist jessica doyle

Each was created using a combination of Pilot Hi-tec C pens, Windsor and Newton Watercolour, Faber Castell India ink and/or gold flec ink on either Arches watercolour paper, flower petal textured paper or cream coloured heavy cardstock.

Size of each original illustration is 3.5 by 2.5 inches / 8,9cm by 6,4cm

Each is an ACEO which stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals and are each available in my shop. Some of the originals have already sold. Reproductions are available in ACEO mini print and 5×7 inch size.

Radiant Melana – Floral Illustration

Melana was created with sepia hued India ink, Prismacolor Verithin lightfast coloured pencils and Windsor & Newton Watercolour on heavy gorgeously textured cream coloured card stock. She measures 5×7 inches (12,7cm by 17,8cm). The original illustration is for sale at $140 and prints are available for purchase at $12.

Matting is also available here. Simply specify in your message to seller upon purchase that you would like “Radiant Melana” as your choice of print to be matted.

Hope you like her!


We Grow

We Grow

Series – We Series of 3 illustrations
TitleWe Grow
Medium – sepia india ink, watercolour and coloured pencil on watercolour paper
Size – 3.5×2.5 inches (*ACEO size)

I’ve been experimenting through scanning my miniature illustrations at extremely high resolutions, 1200 dpi to be exact, and printing them out at 8.5×11 inch size. They look wonderful. We Grow is a large print to.

Have a look at the detail shots below.

An ACEO stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals. they must measure 2.5×3.5 inches and can be created out of any medium. They are an affordable way to collect original artwork.