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I just can’t hold my stomach in anymore – or 10 weeks pregnant and Happy Valentine’s Day

Artist Jessica Doyle 2013

I have never felt more hungry in all my life than during the last 10 weeks. I can’t seem to get enough food into me before my stomach is growling and howling again for more.

We eat a relatively well balanced, organic diet that does contain grass fed beef, free range chicken and organically raised pork. We eat many vegetarian meals too. We avoid soy products except for Bragg Soy Seasoning which is GMO free and certified organic. I love food so much that I’ve already put on 5lbs and can not fit into any of my clothes that don’t have stretch in them.

I do not take prenatal vitamins. I do take 500mg folic acid and 650mg calcium with vitamin D daily. My blood and urine tests show I’m healthy except for the deviant hypothyroid in the neck. The doctor raised the dose of Synthroid two days ago that I’m on to 125mcg from 88mcg. I already notice a positive difference in how my brain is functioning. But, unfortunately, the norm persisted and around 2:00 in the afternoon I started feeling dizzy, extremely bloated, bump into things and need to lay down for a couple of hours until it passes. And while this can be pregnancy related I’m realizing that it could be the dang thyroid wreaking havoc too.

homemade indian food, black rice, tomato, pita bread, chick peas, garam masala

I don’t know what is potentially crohn’s, thyroid or pregnancy related anymore. These last couple of weeks feel like the chron’s I had 15 years ago has been reactivated but then again it could be my uterus stretching. I spent so much time in the bathroom two days ago that could be because of the Synhtroid increase, it could also be because of the spicy food I ate or it could be a bug. I go to see a high risk pregnancy gynecologist/obstetrician on the 26th due to being over 35, pregnant and hypothyroid. I’ll be 12 weeks pregnant by then. The adjustment in Synthroid played havoc with my metabolism yesterday.

And today on this lovely Valentine’s Day I’m feeling a bit better albeit still dizzy I don’t feel the need to incessantly lay my head and body down like yesterday or the day before.

They say you should enjoy all of your pregnancy. And while I am I can not be happy about the pain of not being able to breath at night due to not being able to take my preferred antihistamine or smile about the candida that wreaked havoc on my body earlier this trimester.

These side effects could very well be first trimester agony’s that will pass by the end of this month. I really hope they are. I know something has recently passed because I’m able to write and form sentences again.


And the dreams of water… they are wonderfully incessant. I dream of water nearly every night. Calm dark waters that I float in and urgently awake and run to the bathroom to pee usually like clockwork at 4:00AM. Another dream was a mystical garden filled with large carved stone hands on long arms with each finger sprouting a single fountain of water streaming from it onto a green wonderfully overgrown garden bed. And last night I dreamt of sitting in a circle with people with my belly round and hanging out and drinking water.

So yeah, I’m pregnant. After wanting a baby my whole life, well, since about age 24, and it not happening with my exes, it’s actually happened and it was planned between Chris and I. And we couldn’t be happier.


Getting a positive pregnancy test on New Years Eve was incredible.


Are you awake? I’m awake. Sleep has alluded me tonight (this morning). It’s 4:53AM while my cat snores beside me in her basket on the scanner and my boyfriend dreams in the bedroom.

For some reason I want this to upset me, the fact that I’m awake and not sleeping, however it does not. There could be many reasons for the lack of zzz’s coming forth this evening. My overconsumption of Pepsi certainly does not allow any normal person to sleep. Or is that this evening I had no seroquel to fall asleep. I did not fill my 25mg perscription after visiting my family doctor. Could it be that mentally I’m preparing to make another 0.25mg taper of Valium to be down to 2.75mg a day. Could it be my recent weight gain and the thought that I may be pregnant even though I’ve had my period every month? Could it be that this weight gain is upsetting because only two pairs of pants fit me now? Could it be that last week was the first week I worked in the graphic design trade since August 2005? Could it be that a very old friend was in town this past week and we hung out today rummaging through Chinatown? Could it be that I went out dancing this past Friday night? Could it be that every time I’m almost asleep I have too pee? Could it be I recieved the forms needed to finish my application for being tested for ADHD in the mail? Could it be that I began reading the Davinci Code this evening? Could it be that things are good in my life and my mind wants to find something bad when it’s supposed to go to sleep?

OK. Now I’ll present answers. Yes, I drink two litres of Pepsi a day. I have not been drinking enough water. I bloated up like this once in the summer and low and behold I researched that if you don’t drink enough water your’re body will retain it causing bloating.

Not having any Seroquel is a demon in disguise. I’ve been using it for 3 months now. When my doc today pulled up my weight chart it coincided with my start date of using seroquel as a sleep aid. I knew when I began this med that there was a risk of wieght gain but i did not think it would be 25lbs. She did a pregnancy test. NO MOM I am NOT pregnant (although it would have explained the weight gain in my belly). She suggested I discontinue the use of the seroquel slowly and just use it when i absolutely need to get to sleep. I’ve grown accustomed to taking it and falling asleep an hour later. I guess by my nature i’m a night owl. Maybe, by accepting this I’ll move forward.

The contract work I am doing freelancing from home. So, by it’s essence I could do it at any hour of the human 24 hour day and still meet the deadlines.

I drank about 6 glasses of water earlier this evening paced out of course. That was the cause of my peeing.

The Davinci Code is an intriguing read thus far. aving been raised Catholic but not following the faith at the present because of personal choices in my spirituality it’s making me think. I also wanted to read it before the movie hits theatres.

My friend Angela of 13 years was in town and flies home to Saint John, New Brunswick tomorrow morning. We have had our ups and downs and all arounds during the past dacade plus. As you get older though you grow to love and appreciate the differences in the people you love. I can say that about my Mother and Father as well. As a teen OMG! In my twenties I was right. In my thirties now I’m seeing some of their light. They were my age once. I love you both! Come to visit me soon!

And as for the Valium taper. At doc’s advice it’s going to go slowly. And the ADHD testing won’t be for another 7 or 8 monthes. The wait is long for adults. And by then I’ll be clean off the Valium also.

I have NOTHING to be upset about. There is NOTHING for me to worry about. This is odd.

I did recieve in the mail today brochures and information sheets on the consequences and addiction potential of GHB and other club drugs from Project GHB. I will be delivering them around Vancouver this week. I’m happy about that. Like many GHB addicts I thought GHB was safe. Even two years ago there was not much negative if any information on GHB. This is changing rapidly. To do: write page about dangers of GHB use

Back to Seroquel. The only thing I can equate it too is Cannabis for it’s sleep and munchie potential. I do miss smoking pot. i believe my gut is acting up a little because I’m not smoking pot occasionally to keep my Chron’s disease in remission. I agreed to stay clean off all drugs during my treatment so no pot for me.

Well I’m still awake. LOL. Are you? I took some pics of my Cat Missy Two Shoes sleeping.

It’s 5:53AM now. My Boyfriend will be getting up in 20 minutes to head off to work. I’ll stay up and say good morning. This whole putting the clocks back thing here in Canada has gotta have something to do with it! Haha!